Episode starts offevolved with Rajveer does paintings withinside the temple. One vintage guy asks Rajveer to take relaxation for a while due to the fact the latter operating continuesly. Rajveer tells him that he isn’t always capable of assist his cherished one despite the fact that he desperately desires to assist that individual so allow him try this atleast. That guy asks him to consider God and the whole lot can be fine. On the alternative hand, Param tells Didiji that Seher agreed to marry the latter’s brother.

Didiji smiles listening to him and calls Nikhil and Bobby and asks them to delay the courtroom docket listening to. She tells Karan and Param that Seher will stay fortunately after marrying Rajveer. Param tells her that Kunal betrayed Seher. Karan tells her that they may be satisfied with Seher’s selection. Didiji tells them that it’s going to make the effort to shut their case completely.

Meanwhile Rajveer sees Seher withinside the temple. Seher asks God that why the latter closed all of the doorways for her and he or she simply desired to now no longer cut loose Kunal however now she took the selection of marrying a person else for her brothers happiness. She tells him that she will be able to’t receive that Kunal didn’t come to Amritsar and cries. Immigration officer notices Seher and sits beside her and tells her that human made mistake however the latter complaining to God. Nikhil calls Rajveer and asks him to go back domestic as quickly as possible.

Immigration officer tells Seher that she lied to her approximately Kunal and well-knownshows that Kunal landed in Amritsar. Seher asks her that who requested the latter to lie. Immigration officer tells her that she will be able to’t monitor that and he or she turned into compelled to mislead her and this night she can be able to ship the proof to her and leaves from there. Seher thank you God and wonders that what she goes to do now due to the fact she agreed to marry Didiji’s brother.

Rajveer asks Didiji that how can the latter invite the bride’s own circle of relatives and refuses to satisfy them announcing that now he isn’t always equipped for the marriage. She tells him that alliance got here to her and he or she promised to satisfy them. Seher tells her buddy that Kunal is in risk that’s why he lied to her and he or she gets the proof this night however she badly need to understand Kunal’s condition. She tells him that she will be able to’t marry all and sundry else so as soon as courtroom docket case closes she can be able to meet Didiji to give an explanation for her the whole lot.

Param tells Karan that simply courtroom docket listening to postponed so they may be in risk till the case receives closed completely. Karan tells him that he hopes that Seher will like Didiji’s brother. Seher overhears their communication and recollects that how Rajveer stored her withinside the manufacturing unit and thinks that he is ideal man only. Rajveer tells Didiji that he’s going to meet the lady however will reject her. Didiji thinks that he won’t be capable of reject Seher. Meanwhile Kunal attempts to get away however one vintage guy stops him and warns him to now no longer try this in any other case they’ll shoot him. Kunal writes message and offers it to him and pleads him to ship it to Seher.

Param tells Seher that she will be able to reject Didiji’s brother if she didn’t like him then. Seher waits for Immigration officer’s message and that they reaches Didiji’s house. Gill own circle of relatives meets Didiji. Didiji tells them that Rajveer is withinside the washroom. Seher gets Immigration officer’s message and is going to the washroom. Rajveer and Seher sees every other.