The shopkeeper says madam we’ve got the entirety a mom wishes due to the fact we recognise not anything is extra essential for a mom than her child. Seher remembers Gaitri stated she won’t be capable of surrender on her toddler. Seher says however I am doing all this for dida. A child comes and hugs Seher and cries mama.. His dad comes and says his mother died. He’s a bit emotional. The infant cries I wanna be with mama Please mama..

Badi bi involves Sher’s house. Ramila says Seher isn’t domestic. Badi bi says while will they come? I made her favourite gajrela. Ramila says sit. Have water. She says earlier than going to eating place they need to have instructed you in which did they pass.. Ramila says to the doctor. They are making plans a infant, however they won’t hold the infant. Badi bi says what do you mean?

Ramila says not anything.. She leaves. Badi bi says inform me what’s it? Ramila says they’ll deliver their toddler to Harshdeep. Badi bi is shocked.

Karan calls the supervisor and says deliver this occasion to Anurita. He says however she’s already seeing 3 events. Karan says she’s very tough working, hold her busy. That’s how we recognize accurate employees. Param is available in and asks did you’re taking over that occasion company? Karan says yes. Any problem? Karan says did Anurita inform you? Are you in touch? Param says now no longer really. We speak as soon as in a while.

Seher comes domestic and meets badi bi.. She says gajar halwa I love it. Won’t shop it for Rajveer. Badi bi says Tricky’s pal Sonu got here and desired your favourite drum so I gave it to him. Seher says it turned into my favourite drum. I adorned it.. I cherished it. Badi bi says you can’t deliver your drum to a person however can deliver your toddler? Seher is shocked. She says how did you recognise? Badi bi says you didn’t even inform me? You known as me your mother. And you concealed this from me? You can’t do this. You can’t proportion your toddler. Come with me to Harshdeep adn inform her that we can’t do this.

Seher says I additionally stated no first. But after I were given to recognise approximately dida’s story, her ache, Rajveer’s childhood, she needed to lose her toddler to shop Rajveer. I modified my selection. She waited each day for her toddler. Her lonliness and ache has suffocated her. Seher says I am sorry I didn’t speak it with you due to the fact I knew you won’t agree. Badi bi says this selection will come up with a variety of ache. How will you stay farfar from your toddler? Won’t you need him to name you maa? Seher says he could be in the front of me. Badi bi says however he won’t name you mother. That’s the difference. He could be with didi now no longer you. If Tricky is going farfar from my eyes for one minute I pass crazy, I am his grandmom. Would you be capable of stay farfar from your toddler forever? You will remorse this selection. You won’t be capable of surrender in your toddler. Seher cries.

Seher says Badi bbi please don’t inform Karan and Param. I am doing all this for my family. Badi bi says what approximately you? Seher says mama and papa requested me to continually defend my brothers. I could be there for them. Don’t inform them anything. She leaves. Seher calls Rajveeer and says Badi bi located out the entirety. I even have requested her now no longer to inform Param and Karan. Did you meet the doctor? Rajveer says she needed to visit a meeting. I want to satisfy her earlier than Dida. Gaitri enters the house. Seher is shocked. Seher says Gaitri is right here to satisfy dida. Rajveer says please forestall her. Please they shouldn’t come face to face.

Badi bi comes domestic. She is fainting. Param and Karan ask her if she’s okay. They deliver her water. Karan says what happened? She says I am tired. Karan says your sugar is down. Param says you appearance stressed. You went to Seher’s place. Is she okay? Param says swear on me and inform me what happened.. Karan says please.

Gaitri is going internal with Ramila. Seher drops a vase.. Gaitri says you right here.. Are you okay? Seher says I am excellent. Gaitri says how are you right here? Seher says that is my house. I am didi ji’s DIL. Seher hugs her and says so quality to satisfy you. She whispers I want to speak to you.. Ramila says thank God you’re excellent Seher. Get refreshments geared up for the doctor. Harshdeep is watching for her.

Harshdeep says sorry Dr. Gaitri I couldn’t come to today’s meeting. What did you speak? Gaitri says the technique.. Seher says regular technique.. Harsh asks which technique have been you speakme approximately doctor?