Anu intentionally talks approximately Rajveer’s alliance to Tricky. Tricky preserve speakme approximately it in the front of Gill own circle of relatives and offers Didiji’s message card to Param. Param learns that Didiji asking them to reflect onconsideration on their choice again. Badi B asks them approximately Kunal. Karan tells her that Kunal betrayed Seher. He apologizes to Sarab and Meher for failing to recognize Kunal’s actual hues and that they have to now no longer have agreed for Seher and Kunal’s marriage ignoring Kunal’s status.

Param asks him to now no longer communicate approximately this again. Karan tells him that not anything going to alternate now and asks Seher to overlook Kunal. He informs her approximately Rajveer’s alliance. Param asks Seher to assume after which determine due to the fact she has complete rights to transport on in her existence. Seher tears that message card and tells Param that love simply occurs as soon as and she or he won’t marry a person else and she or he can study Kunal’s eyes and she or he is aware of that there need to be a few purpose that’s why Kunal stated like that. Karan and Param asks her to just accept the fact. She tells them that she can be able to show them that her desire isn’t always wrong.