Today’s episode Chhoti Sardarni will show you that Meher and Sarabjit ji go to the restaurant, then you see that Manav also goes after them, then Sarabjit gets a call from Manav and he tells Manav Sarjeet that you from there When we are going back, it tells that I am going with tonight’s flight when I come to know that there is a human on the phone.

So she is terrified that only then you give that I go to keep every plates, then I human goes after her there and he says give me pasta then only he was talking to Sarabjit on the phone and he Sarabjit ji says how much we get 24 You are also eating pasta and we were also eating pasta, then Meher leaves from there without talking to human and comes to Sarbjit, only then you see that Sarabjit and there Let’s get to the hotel.

Manav is in the hotel, then Meher’s maker stays there, then Manav picks it up. When both Meher and Sarabjit reach the hotel, they go to their room. After a while, the room bell rings and she makes A hotel member comes to rob him that your maker had stayed in the restaurant there, some guest has given it to me, I come to know that it must have been given by humans only when Meher sees it.

So they are red and ordered but a green comes out of it. Meher comes to know that this human has not changed, on the other hand you see that the human gets her mother’s call and tells her mother where you are Ho, you have no idea about the last 5 days and the daughter-in-law’s mother has gone today, today we have called her here after doing a lot of force, if you also come home soon, then you know that I will be back by tomorrow evening’s flight. Just because of you, see that the next day both Mehar and Sarabjit are ready to go for flight.

On the other hand Manav also arrives at the airport and was waiting for Meher after going there and says no man why has not reached the airport yet, even then Mehar comes there only then man goes after him and he He goes there and says that I cannot forget my cabbage parathas, only then Sarabjit hears this and he says that you cannot forget whom Meher gets very nervous seeing them.

Choti Sardarni 17 October 2020 Written Updates

Then human changes the thing and says that I can never forget people like you, I was talking about you. Let me ask that Sarabjit ji asks man how suddenly you are here, then human says that we are a When the secret meeting came, Sarvajit says that yesterday you had called, then even then you did not tell anything that you are here.

I was thinking about meeting you for a few days, I had to talk to you, then man says, so talk, now we have met, only Jeet says that after reaching India, we will talk to you in this way. Manav goes from there and tells Sarabjit Maihar from behind that I will go to India and ask him why he is doing this with my sister, if the truth of Pandit comes true then I will not leave it like this episode ends here it happens.