Episode starts with Seher asks Kunal that wherein is he now. Kunal seems on the board and reads that if he desires to shop Seher’s existence then he have to comply with their orders and he additionally notices the bomb in Seher’s vehicle from stay telecast and tells Seher that he can’t marry her, in reality he in no way desired to marry her. She tells him that he’s mendacity and asks him that why he’s pronouncing all this and the whole lot became first-rate among them then what took place to him suddenly.

He tells her that their engagement didn’t appear due to the fact he don’t need to marry her and asks her to recognize this and furthermore he desired tell her lengthy returned however she in no way gave a threat to him and she or he acts like a present day female however in fact she is only a common Indian female so she isn’t always his kind that’s why he can’t spend his complete existence together along with her and requests her to now no longer touch him again.

Param takes the cellular from Seher and yells at Kunal and Karan additionally scolds Kunal. Seher asks Kunal to now no longer say like this and tells him that she loves him a lot and she or he is aware of that he additionally loves her. He tells her that it’s over among them and asks her to recognize that he won’t marry her and disconnects the call. He pleads the Goons to go away Seher. One of the goon orders to off the timer of the bomb. Kunal sees Seher crying in stay telecast and asks Goons that who’re they and why they’re doing all this.

Meanwhile Param consoles Seher. Didiji’s Goon takes the bomb from Seher’s vehicle. PA asks Didiji that why the latter risked Rajveer’s existence. Didiji tells him that it became only a timer and now Kunal reduce off all ties with Seher so now Rajveer gets Seher.

Seher cries recalling the moments she shared with Kunal. Rajveer cries seeing her like that. Kunal cries recalling the moments he shared with Seher. Rajveer makes a decision to convey Kunal to Seher. He tells Nikhil that he goes to convey Kunal from Dubai. Nikhil informs him that Didiji fainted. Read More……..