In today’s episode Chhoti Sardarni, you will be shown that a human is looking at photos of his marriage, only then you give that he replaces the picture of Mehr with Aditi’s photo and says that my and Meher’s pair look very good. I am only mine and I cannot be anyone else and he says that I will stay here and refuse you, thus you are sitting that after some time he sees both Meher and Sir ji together and it is not good at all. Think.

Then after some time, where Meher and Sarabjeet stand, some goons come and they are running away from the police, then the police are behind them and when the police come close, Meher also stands there and the goons Meher stands taunting the gun at the saffron and he tells the policemen that if they try to catch me, then I will kill this girl, then there are Sarabjeet too and he is trying to stop that man much but It would not have been there when humans came to know this.

So he is running near runaway Maihar, then the policemen catch him that his life is in danger, so you don’t get close to him. Man tries to get his hands off them, but both policemen are caught by the human only when you see Is that I very cleverly escapes those goons and then Sarabjit ji kills a lot and the police take the goons, then Sarabjit ji takes Mehar to a restaurant and goes there to surprise Meher. He goes there and gives me a necklace, when Manoj also reaches there when Meher and Sarabjit ji reach there and take a vein, then they ask Saravan Town, what is your favorite color, then the human says that from behind Meher’s favorite color is green.

Choti Sardarni 16 October 2020 Written Updates

Sarabjit ji says Maihar’s favorite color is green but we all know that human has also come here, then I start saying that my husband’s favorite color is red, so I will take its color red only then it will be human It does not look good and he leaves from there, then you see that both Meher and Vegeta have come back to the hotel. When they reach the hotel, they go to their room, they are busy, they have set the alarm of fire alert from behind. And Ran ran and takes Meher out and says that the fire alarm is ringing, when they come, they see that no one has come out of their room, then Sarabjit is stopped there and goes to ask if the fire Where is it when Sarabjit leaves from there, a human comes to Meher there and he tells her that you are in my heart and tries to hold hands but turns back and she says that you Why are you doing everything, then the human says that I am doing all this to get a glimpse of you.

Then Sarabjit also comes from the other side and he says that this alarm was sounded by the people by mistake, there is no fire, then the meher is filled and he gets hugged by Sarabjit and he goes away. Go and tell him that you go to sleep and then we will go for dinner. When I am kept, I will tell you everything. When it comes to telling me, I am talking to my son and his son says that Aunt is no longer happy, she does not know why she has not had dinner yet, then Sarabjit ji tells her son that you try to keep your aunt happy and feed Dua in any way and do not do them in any way. We see that the phone is disconnected and Sirji’s son tries to do a lot, but nothing happens, then his son tells his aunt that you are sad because of leaving Fufa ji that he alone Meherma is also gone. Let it be set when Papa used to go somewhere. On the other hand you see that when Meher thinks about telling the truth, she says that if I told the truth then it would be three Three lives will be ruined. I have to convince the human being not to do this with Deeti Didi and do not play with her life too. This is where today’s episode ends.