Choti Sardarni 15 April 2021 Written Episode Update

Kulwant says you need to deal with your state of mind. Ginni calls Rana and says bring a teddy bear for Seher on your way back from office. Jeeto says office? Is he doing a task. Yuvi says dadi has requested that he handle dad’s business.

Sarab gets ready for Seher’s birthday. He says I will do all that Meher did. Harleen says when Seher cuts her cake, she will miss Meher significantly more. Param says to Sandhya Seher’s day would be uncommon. Param says mother would be absent from the gathering photograph. Karan says mother’s companion, request that mom come. She needs to come. Param says she can’t come. Sandhya aunt can just converse with her. Sandhya says your Meher mom would come tomorrow. All children grin. Seher says mom will come tomorrow? Read more……



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