Today’s stage will be shown to you in Chhoti Sardarni that when it was across, when Zee approaches Sarabjeet, she goes there and tells them that you were telling the truth that where the mother’s heart goes by looking at the children, I like me My heart slipped after seeing it, since it was an accident.

So I started to behave very rudely. Forgive me all of these, I am withdrawing the case made on your wife today and now, Sarabjit becomes very happy on hearing this, and he thanks Parth ji. Still working. Looks and she says that I cannot tell how happy I am, then Partha ji says that you forgive me.

I troubled you so much, so further Sarabjit says that it was not even your fault that the situation had become such that only Partha ji says that you will call India right now and say that her mother Mama is coming near her children Huh. It is only you see that even at Sarabjit’s house, the people of the house come to know that the person who had done the case of Meher has withdrawn, only then he is talking in the house.

Only he calls Sarvajeet and wins him to be acquitted from the case and only Sarabjit says that we are coming back to India in a short time and will celebrate our marriage anniversary only the second time you will see that there are human beings Meher is in the room and only when Mehar slaps him.

So he gets very angry on himself and tries to convince Manav but is not understood, then after some time Sarabjit’s phone comes on Maihar’s phone and he tells Maihar to quickly open the door for you. Surprise is only you see that the canal goes to open the door and there 3 Sarabjit Singh ji has sent the cake. Only Sarabjit tells Maihar that first of all you are very happy Marriage Anniversary and in the second happiness you come there I will tell you this way he disconnects the phone.

Even then you see that when you see a human and cake, he says that your marriage is anniversary, so it means that we have been 1 year apart, you have more of your marriage anniversary but I do not think you will get my birthday. needed. Remember that Meher says that you go away from here, I am very happy with Sarabjit. Two people say that you are not happy with Sarvajit, I will tell them what you are for me, I will ask for my love. Only Meher says that you are threatening me, then man says why I will enjoy you, I love you.

She only tells Mehraman why I feel that you are threatening me that you will tell everything to Sarabjit Singh, I have told her everything before you tell me, you do not know how good she is. See, man goes to meher that what you have told, you have said that I have told him everything before you tell me, you do not know how good he is, then you see that man tells meher That what you have told that Vikram is human.

When she learns that her sister’s husband is the lover of her wife, will she feel good even if she does not mind her sister, then on hearing this, Maihar starts thinking what should I do then you give It is that man goes from that room telling me that I will get out of your mouth that you love me, then after some time you see that Sarabjit comes in his room and he wakes Meher in happiness. Takes. And he is very happy when he tells me that he has taken back the Partha ji who had filed a case against you but you see that meher is happening sir sir asks you why you are crying So when she starts telling all this, Sarabjit’s eyes go to the cake and he tells Maihar that why are you crying because of it, a cake has fallen, the new one will come only about the wine of Sarabjit’s house I tell that everyone is very happy at home, we are going to India in a while, we will celebrate at our marriage anniversary.

All the people there are very happy except Guddi that he does not know why Vikram went somewhere without telling anything to the dolls on the very next day of marriage and she says that I am afraid that Pandit’s words will not come true. in life. If there is another girl, I will not leave her, then on hearing this, Mehr gets nervous and she says that if I tell all this to Sarabjit, then three lives will be ruined along with me, I will talk to my man only. You have to do it and you will have to explain it, this way everything will be shown to you in the next step.