In the Chhoti Sardarni episode, you will be shown that in whose house they enter and they attack their house, when there are all the people there, then you give that to Maihar, he stands as a bumper and goes away and he says that If all of you family members die from them, you see that I am telling everyone that all of you go out,

then we see that all people get very upset about what to do and the time of the bomb, we slowly Slowly, all is going on there, Vikram and everyone win and he tells everyone that if all of you go out, then he is not going out and all the people are crying a lot, then Meher says Please do not put everyone’s life at stake, so please all of you go out, but none of them start going out, then Sarabjit ji gets everyone out of the door and also expels Vikram when Vikram comes in.

Seems like, but Sarabjit closes the door so that Sarvajit comes back to Meher and is surprised to see him and she says please Go out for your children, please go out, only then he says that I will be with you and your partner will die, then you see that Sarvajeet also stands on that bob. On the other side you see that everyone opens the door. But no one opens the door and after a while there is a blast and the bomb explodes and all the people fall back because of the explosion and all the people start crying a lot when Aditi comes there and she says that it .

Everything happens and everyone runs in and starts looking for Meher and Sajid.After some time we fly, their son Param first goes to them and he starts raising Meher and Sarjeet but he does not get up for a while. After that, Vikram comes there and all the family members also come and pours water on Vikramjit’s mouth. After some time, both of them are sensed and he tells everyone how they had some of them that they picked up. And put it on him and turned away from him and started running from there.

When he ran to the running door, it was torn and went out, similarly our lives Ch and everyone become very happy Today’s episode ends।

In tomorrow’s episode you will be shown that Vikram comes on the day of Diwali and he starts asking for his child from the canal again and starts taking the child from him, then Sarvajit comes there and he says don’t touch the child then Vikram It is said that I want my child and I will keep it or else there will be a big drama here. Hearing this, Sarvajit and Mehar get very nervous and they do not understand what to do, Sir, you all showed it in the next episode. Will go.