Choti Sardarni 14 April 2021 Written Episode Update

Karan says Seher did Sandhya mention to you what astounded would she say she was giving me? She says a major issue occurred. Sandhya says it got dropped in light of the fact that your sibling improved an astonishment for you. Your #1 Rabri jalebi. Karan gets cheerful. Karan comes and says bless your heart. You made this rabri jalebi for me. Karan says I got it made for you however it spilled. She lies a great deal. Karan says she isn’t a liar. Param says she is. Karan says you don’t comprehend. Karan says she’s not a liar. Sarab says stop it. Param says they think Sandhya is decent. I will change that discernment. I will demonstrate that she can’t converse with mother. I will pose her an inquiry that solitary we knew. Sandhya will not respond to it. Karan says she will ask mom and advise you. Sarab says sees Meher. She says kindly stop him. Sarab says why? Their discernment will break. Meher says if reality comes before them their heart will break. They want to interface with me. It’s the explanation of their grin. Meher says it’s their home. Sandhya is recounting stories to Seher. Karan says mother’s companion, make Param converse with mom. He thinks you lie. Seher says presently perceive how she converses with mom. Sandhya says in heart I need to lie until Seher improves. Sandhya says Meher ji.. Sandhya says Meher ji is saying you look decent. Param says express gratitude toward her. Karan says see. Param says ask Seher’s date of birth. Sandhya is quiet. Karan says yes ask her. Param says see she can’t reply. She was lying. Karan says no she wasn’t. Seher says she will ask mother and advise you. Sandhya is stressed. She professes to converse with Meher. Sandhya says tomorrow. Everybody is stunned. Sandhya says our princess’ birthday is tomorrow. Param embraces her. Yuvi goes to Jagga’s office. He reviews his minutes with Jagga. Yuvi says dadi you said when I grow up I will deal with dad’s office. For what reason would you say you are offering it to Rana? He is langoor. Rana says so this seat is mine. Kulwant says you don’t merit it. In the event that anything happens to the business you realize how would i be able to respond. Sandhya takes a gander at Sarab holding a board with the date of birth. Each of the three children are embracing her. Param says I am sorry I considered you a liar. You can really converse with mother. Reveal to her I miss her a great deal. Sandhya says she misses you more. Param says when you left last time you requested me to take care from Karan. See I did. Sandhya says you are mom’s large kid. Karan and Param embrace and cry. Seher says on my last birthday dad wasn’t with me and now mother isn’t here. Is this a standard on my birthday? She cries. Sarab embraces her and says don’t say that. You will celebrate with dad. She says I need to be with both of you. Sarab embraces her. Kulwaant says we will observe Seher’s birthday. The world doesn’t stop. Jeeto Ginni get a major present for Seher. Jeeto says I can request that my daddy make a cooker.



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