In tomorrow’s episode Chhoti Sardarni, you will be shown that when Manav goes to meet Maihar, he extends his hand to meet, but Meher turns his hand back, Manav says, are you not happy with my coming? Do you then tell me that I am not very happy, you cannot even tell how happy I am to see you and then she says with a heart, that I was missing the moment when Mummy ji apologized to you. The theme is that you see that Meher remembers everything.

When those people did with him, you see that Meher tells Manav, but now you have everything. You always craved the love of parents, but now you have the love of parents and you also have a good job. So you see that the human again tells Maihar why you are calling me like this, you are my love, you are my love and you are unaware of me as to why you are talking. So you see, Meher says that I am now Meher Gill, now Sarabjit Singh’s wife. From now on, the human says what you are saying all this, I do not understand how you can do this. Human says that since my memory has come. I am thinking about you, you are not coming out of my mind and this is the proof that I have come here from India to find you. He says that I used to ask you again and again about this scarf that I am coming to you every time, you are fine and I miss you like crazy but what are you saying all this, you are my love You cannot do this to me, you see that I say that you try to understand that what was in our midst was our childishness. Only then you see that human tells him that it was our childish, so why are you still eating cabbage parathas which is my favorite, then you see that human is sitting there eating cauliflower parathas. , That he starts acting of Khan’s affection, then I come quickly and start feeding him, he gets very nervous, then I tell the human being that this is the proof that you love me, I cough my little bit. But you are so nervous and you say that you do not love me, then you see that I tell everyone that Sarabjit Singh ji is my life and I am his life nothing is above me for you, why you try to understand why If you are not doing this, then the human says that you are not doing it in an attempt to understand, you are talking about Sarvajit Singh, you have come to him in compulsion.

Choti Sardarni 14th October 2020 Written Updates

Even though he is a very nice person but I will fall in his feet and ask you for him and thank him, only then I say how can you thank him who has not given me life, I cannot live without him and she too Can’t live without, then you see that Meher asks Manav to go from there and after hearing this Manav starts crying a lot and he says that I cannot forget you and I don’t want to forget either.

On the other side you see that Mata ji who had filed a case against Maihar who attacked her husband is sitting in the car listening to the recording of Sarabjit Singh and he tells them that we had already apologized to you and now sorry Asking, but I do not think he did anything wrong at that time, the atmosphere was the same that he had to take this step. Tell me what you would have done if you were in his place, see this Ram melts his heart and he Sarvejit goes to meet Singh in the court there, you see that Angel meets Sarabjit Singh and gives him something to eat, thus the episode ends here.