In the episode of Chhoti Sardarni, you will be shown that a few drops penetrate Maihar’s house to kill his family and only then do you see that or not and I get very nervous when I go to my room and find the reason and the ultimate That is why the cause and cars are saved there and come out, then I remember the divine like the queen of Jhansi, I tie my child back and she pulls out the sword and she encounters enemies with the sword.

He also comes forward, he is cut off and in this his son is helping Paramveer, then we see that I am killing everyone, Meher makes them very scolding, on the other side you see that Vikram And Aditi gets out of the house, then Aditi gets a call and she picks up the nurse’s phone and says that there is an emergency, you have to come to that pitel soon, then she tells me with my mind that

I have to go to the hospital right now, so I say that now If you are going somewhere else, then she says that I need my patient just like you need your work, so take me down here I myself I will leave, then Vikram says, “No, I leave you there. She is fighting the enemies, she comes to the hospital and she is the man who sent the goons to kill her family,

then I tell Vegeta that Your family’s death call is about to come, then Sarvajit says what you are and who you are. Then he says that first your family will die and then you will come. On the other side, every house is facing those people, then you see There is a man who shoots Meher from behind, such an episode ends there,

In tomorrow’s episode you will be shown that the man who is going to shoot Meher shoots. On the other hand, Sarabjit is running away from the hospital and coming towards his house and he is in a lot of trouble. So, you will see in tomorrow’s episode that who shoots the bullet, when the bullet is fired, Meher’s son Param we make a voice to our mother that if you get down then you will see what will happen tomorrow to see if Meher will get shot or not. Remained on our website for