He says fine, promise, I won’t drink. She asks really. He says yes, byskip now. He shuts the door. He says I can’t tolerate this girl. Chiku thinks to provide the good records to Nupur. She dances happily. Milind gets ready.

He thinks Aai will be looking ahead to me. Subodh comes and says we had bear in mind to cheers together, its sunday today, what are you thinking. Milind says no. Subodh says I pass over the antique Milind, we used to sit down and drink every sunday, I comprehend you’ve were given were given grown up, I want to now now not get adamant, I want to take delivery of that you have changed. Milind stops him and says fine, we’re capable of have beer and enjoy, definitely one glass. Subodh hugs him and serves the beer. Milind remembers Chiku’s words.

Nupur says you promised that you could in no manner drink, why did you ruin it. Milind asks her now now not to are to be had his manner. Kamini sees Chiku in her room..