The Episode starts offevolved offevolved with Chiku telling Nupur about a drunkard man living withinside the locality. Nupur says Milind doesn’t drink always, I will easy this up. She cries. Chiku thinks Milind has to save you talking to Nupur in anger. She says I feel sleepy, I will byskip and sleep. She runs upstairs. Nupur cries and remembers his words.

Kamini asks did you be aware how Milind scolded Nupur, it was loads fun, you likely did the fine today, we want to do that soon, in advance than Chiku’s truth comes, we want to throw her out, we want to split Milind and Nupur. Milind drinks and cries. He says I had the fine partner and fine daughter, but now the entirety is ruined. Chiku gets a glass of water for him. He asks how dare you come returned here. She says sorry, I definitely came to provide you water, drink it. He shouts get out.

She says I won’t byskip until you drink the water. He drinks and shouts byskip away. He falls asleep. She says Milind and Nupur are good-looking like hero and heroine, who sleeps on the bed wearing shoes. She gets rid of his shoes and makes him sleep. She takes the alcohol to trash it. She says well night. Kamini takes the alcohol bottles. Subodh says I can’t percent my highly-priced collection of alcohol with Milind. She says you may buy extra if you get the property, you want to make Milind drink everyday.

He nods. Chiku entails Nupur. Nupur says I will sing a lullaby to make you sleep. Chiku asks her to sing the track which she sings for Milind. Nupur sings do pal…. Milind cries in his room. Nupur imagines him. He imagines her. She goes to his room. They acquire the door and doesn’t see each other. Its morning, Chiku comes to fulfill Milind. She asks him to drink water. He asks her to byskip.

She says I truly have removed your shoes at night. He asks her to get out. She says you’ve were given were given a hangover, I didn’t like some thing I truly have seen yesterday. He says I don’t care. She says elders save you youngsters from doing wrong, but elders shouldn’t drink, its a terrible habit, you have been stumbling, I truly have seen you strolling in style like a hero. He asks her to leave. She says fine, promise me, you won’t drink again. He asks why, who’re you to me. She says you don’t need to look my face, I won’t are to be had the the front of you if you promise me.