Colors TV show Molkki is among the most cherished shows at the present time. It manages a social issue. The show depends on a genuine custom where young ladies from helpless families are offered to affluent men in return for cash. Despite the fact that it is illicit, numerous areas in the nation follow it. On Molkki, Amar Upadhyay assumes the part of Virendra Pratap Singh and Priyal Mahajan is viewed as Purvi. As of late, Amar took to online media to share a fan’s note about how the custom of Molkki in a Rajasthan town halted after the locals watched the show. The fan said that he showed the sequential to the townspeople and the panchayat alongside the remainder of the residents loved it. They likewise took in an exercise from the show and chose to stop the custom of Molkki in their town.