Neha says everybody ought to have addressed Divya. This will not end thusly. Divya will consistently do it. Divya says to Raqesh it is so easy. Nishant says then take remain in everything why only one.

Nishant and Moose sit on the see saw once more. Nishant says what’s the distinction among her and you both at this point? Pratik says bigg supervisor gave this. Shamita says how might you conflict with us? We were not rebuffed. For what reason would it be a good idea for us to do this? We did no show. Raqesh says they ought to be distraught at Divya. We ought to disregard it. Shamita says the crowd is seeing. We can’t remain silent. We are not off-base. He needs to say we are incorrect. Raqesh says crowd can toss it out in case we are incorrect.

Moose says there is a break. Pratik says get off. There is a break. You can get harmed. Nishant says it’s wrecked. Raqesh says nishant is so sweet to Divya and conflicting with us now? We are not off-base. Shamita says yes we aren’t. Nishant says you can’t take an advantageous stand. Neha says you are incorrect. Nishant says don’t guide me. I say what it is. They were distraught why divya ate from my plate? That is so off-base.

Shamita says he’s ready to now come and battle with us? Neha says I concur with you. Since she did after bigg supervisor asked, she’s actually off-base. Nishant says she isn’t right yet so are they.Bigg bos says the discipline time is finished. Everybody applauds. Shamita says to Pratik you see what Nishant is doing. He says his point is right by the same token. Her viewpoint contrasted. Shamita says who got the discipline? I took my discipline last week. He says everybody isn’t something very similar. We ought to have gotten it done if bigg manager inquired. Shamita says she is being a gloat. I will not take another person’s discipline. She is liable for it. We have ethics however she can’t exploit.