Salman Khan has joined the hero show. Similarly, she says that Jasmine and Rahul have stopped their game and Rubina is in form. Rubina says that she has nothing to wear and hence she will not be part of this work. Others say that this game is not right. You will see that soon Salman Khan will support him. He starts asking Rubina about her college, Salman Khan tells her that it is her biggest mistake not to follow her already.

Salman Khan tries to explain to him why you are thinking the definition of Kanchana is different from him. Salman Khan says his point is unacceptable. Similarly, she puts her in a difficult place and starts asking her what she will do if she has any problem in the show. Similarly, you will see that Kanpur hopes that Rubina was going to get praised, while in it she refused to do this work. Rubina argues with him a lot.