Today’s episode begins offevolved with Day forty at 10:15 PM; Afsana receives a name from Saaz. Saaz asks Afsana to return back back. Afsana receives adamant to depart the area taking Shamita or Rajiv with her. Saaz maintains asking Afsana to return back back.

There, Nishant asks Neha to prevent blabbering that she is right here for Shamita. Neha says she has stopped pronouncing it already. In the meantime, Saaz says to Afsana that he’ll come to take her back. Afsana receives satisfied and walks out.

10:30 PM; Neha inform to Shamita that Nishant is obvious together along with his idea that he’ll play for himself. Shamita says Nishant betrayed and modified his alliance.

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eleven:15 PM; Pratik says to Nishant that he don’t wishes anyone’s favour in his life. He talk approximately VIP area task. Simba be a part of the speak.

1:forty five AM; Vishal speak on digital digicam and percentage his happiness for getting ‘get entry to to Vip area’. Tejasswi, Nishant and Karan welcome Vishal.

2:15 AM; Tejasswi speak with Karan and inform him that Neha whinge approximately him and alert her now no longer to be with Karan. Neha claimed that Karan has executed many stuff that is unknown to her. Tejasswi requested Neha to reveal however she refused. She asks Karan to inform what did he said. Karan says he don’t remember.

Day forty one at eight AM; Inmates wake up.

Shamita percentage with Neha and Jay that she is disenchanted with Nishant.

9:forty five AM; Karan confront Neha. He asks Neha to talk accurately whilst quoting him. Neha requested Karan to inform what did she said. Karan asks Neha now no longer to speak at the back of his back. Neha speak with Karan. She says to Karan that she don’t make alliances. Karan says if there can be a conversation hole than believe won’t be capable of build.

10 AM; Jay speak with Nishant and says Pratik is his precedence and he noticed it yesterday.

eleven AM; Nishant asks Karan to inform approximately his precedence if he has to pick out among Umar and Tejasswi. Karan asks Nishant to maintain believe. He additionally advices him to pick out among Umar and Pratik for his recreation ahead.

12 PM; Vishal speak with VIP area individuals and says Jay maintain grudges. Rajiv over listen VIP area speak and percentage with Neha that they’re bitching approximately Jay.

1 PM; Rajiv percentage with Shamita that he heard the speak taking place at VIP area. He instructed to Shamita that Vishal changed into bitching approximately Jay. They similarly determine to make Simba the captain of the house.

2:15 PM; Vishal asks Shamita how tons she believe Rajiv. Shamita says he similarly believe Rajiv and Vishal.

4:forty five PM; Jay, Tejasswi and Karan spend time together.

7:forty five PM; Simba, Rajiv, Jay, Pratik, Neha and Shamita receives an possibility to fetch the posh items. Tejasswi study approximately ‘Red Notice’ task. Six contenders must locate golden eggs hidden on the lawn area. Karan turns into the dictator of the task.

eight PM; Simba, Rajiv, Jay, Pratik, Neha and Shamita attempts to fetch the eggs. Rajiv, Shamita and Jay wins the primary round.

eight:15 PM; Raiiv, Shamita and Jay collects their luxurious budget.

Later, Umar and Pratik argues with every different over kitchen duty.

eleven PM; Karan and Tejasswi speak with Umar and says Pratik’s argument makes no sense. Verbal argument manifest among Umar and Pratik again.

eleven:15 PM; Nishant and Pratik talk approximately washing utensils.

12:forty five AM; Karan confront Nishant and asks him now no longer to sense strain if he’s giggling on others. Nishant says Pratik, Neha and Shamita is his pals and can be.

Day forty two eleven AM; Karan recommendation Rajiv to play for my part. Shamita asks Rajiv now no longer to show something to anyone.

12:forty five PM; Pratik asks Nishant to inform if he’s gambling for my part then he too will do the same. Verbal argument manifest among Pratik and Nishant.

1:30 PM; Shamita, Rajiv, Neha and Jay speak with every different. Shamita declare Jay’s precedence will extrade too. Jay says none is gambling truthful either.

Later, Umar, Shamita, Rajiv and Vishal speak with every different approximately Afsana. Umar confessed that Afsana changed into his precedence. Verbal argument manifest among Umar and Shamita.

Ahead, Shamita changed into claimed that she instigated Afsana. Shamita guard herself. She asks Rajiv to prevent lacking Afsana as she is getting pissed-off.

4:forty five PM; Karan reward Umar for giving befitting replying to Shamita and Neha.

Rajiv speak with Tejasswi, Umar and Karan and says Neha is getting on his nerves. He says to Karan that he can be his pal outside.

12:forty five AM; Karan, Umar and Rajiv dance with every different