Abhinav contends with Eijaz when last hindered while he was talking. Eijaz says Rubina also hinders when anybody talks. Abhi guards and says he generally requests that other individual stop as he puts stock in listening others as well. Salman requests that Eijaz and Abhi sort their concern and he will be directly back. Rahul says prisoners consistently change the significance of the assignment. Afterward, Salman says designation today will occur before him. He adds Rakhi is skipper so due to which she has an advantage to save one candidate from Nomination.

Rakhi saves Abhinav. Sonali gets irritated with Rakhi post she breaks her guarantee and saved Abhinav. Sonali objections to Salman about Nikki, last say it is Rakhi’s decision. Abhinav embraces Rakhi. Further, selection begins with Vikas and Rubina. Slaman requests to designate one against ALy and Rahul. Rubina pick Rahul and Vikas conflicts with Rahul. Then, Sonali calls Rakhi unfaithful. Rakhi and Sonali contends with one another.

Further, Rubina and Vikas choose Rahul. Salman asks Vikas and Rubina not to examine about assignment out. Second, Aly and Rahul come. Salman requests that they pick one among Nikki and Arshi. Both designate Nikki. Eijaz and Sonali come and Salman requests that they name among Vikas and Rubina. Both choose Rubina. Arshi and Nikki choose Sonali in the midst of Sonali and Eijaz. Salman end for the afternoon. Ahead, Rahul and Sonali examine and state Rakhi played the major event. Sonali says she will target Rakhi.