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The present scene begins with Hema is drawing something. Venu comes there and question her what’s happening with she? She answers to him as drawing. He ask to her when did she learning this all? She advises to him that she take in it from on the web. She shows the image to him and says she envisioned how her mom looks like and drawn it.

Venu thinks passionate and says in the event that Soundarya bring back Kannamma, at that point she don’t need to stress over anything. She will get her mother soon. Hema ask to him how is it? He answers as great. She leaves from that point to shading it. Soundarya comes there baffled and crying quiet. Venu and Akhil comes there and question her what’s happened where is Kannamma? She answers to them she cleared her home.

Anjali and Nimmi bliss having no limits. Soundarya describes to them whatever Seetha advises to her. Soundarya says to them that kannamma saw them in town that is the reason she left that Village. Venu request that she think decidedly she may have some other motivation to do it. Soundarya question him then for what reason did she left the town following 10 days. Anjali thinks may she lived with Varun that is the reason she left from that point however they are not getting it.

Seetha and Pazhani are strolling in street subsequent to purchasing vegetables from market. Pazhani ask to Seetha did Kannamma called her or not after arrived at chennai? She answers as no. Seetha says to him that she neglect to illuminate him a certain something. Kannamma relative came seaech for her. Pazhani ask to her for what valid reason did she came following 8 years? She educates to him that woman saw Kannamma in picture and came racing to see her. He says to her if Kannamma stowing away from her methods she may bad.

Seetha deny it and says she was the one brought all garments from them and paid additional cash as well. She felt enthusiastic saying about her little girl in law however she has no clue she is Kannamma’s relative. She came in vehicle it appears she is rich. Kannamma left that rich everyday routine and experienced with us to procure 1000 rs. She came here on the grounds that her significant other speculate her however her relative wish to see them together. Pazhani encourage her to illuminate about Kannamma whereabout to her.

Soundarya crying there. Venu encourage her to eat something she won’t take it. She believes that Kannamma go through tranquil time on earth in that town and stiched garments for every day leaves but since of her she relocated from that point. Venu request that she quit focusing on herself. Hema comes there and request that she eat something and comfort her. Soundarya eat for her.

Kannamma ask to Tulasi did she in contact with Soundarya. She answers to her very little. After Kannamma left she quit chatting with her. Try not to stress she won’t educate over her whereabout to her since she previously had enough. Lakshmi comes there and ask her to deal the garments from entryway. For Lakshmi they are attempting to deal the garments yet all are approaching the garments for low rate and disregarding them.

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Air Date: 31 December 2020

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