Today’s episode of Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd October 2023 starts with Malishka crouching down to Lakshmi’s level and urgently asking her why she is still alive.

Lakshmi remains motionless and looks straight at Malishka, but Malishka loses her mind and calls Lakshmi a burden to herself.

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When she reveals that she was the one who made Malishka almost kill her, Lakshmi firmly tells Malishka that as long as she is alive and near Rishi, nothing will happen to her. I’ll tell you.

Hearing this, Virendra opens his eyes sharply, as if Neelam doesn’t want to hear his feelings.

On the cliff, Malishka takes the form of a monster, picks up her stone, and tells Lakshmi that she will kill him.

Saying this, Malishka hit the stone on Lakshmi’s head and she fell back into the deep abyss of the cliff. Meanwhile, seeing Lakshmi meet her end, Rishi cried out from the bottom of his heart.

Will Lakshmi really die?

Is this the beginning of a breakup between Rishmi?

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