Bhagya Lakshmi sixteenth October 2021 Written Update Rishi feels love Lakshmi is greatly surprised to peer a love band in Rishi’s hand which couples put on. Rishi is disturbed to understand that Lakshmi did now no longer like his present. Neelam’s pals are keen to fulfill Lakshmi and Virendra says that she have to be someplace round busy withinside the preparations. Lakshmi is misplaced in mind and does now no longer be aware Neelam calling her. Aahana tells Lakshmi that Neelam is looking her and she or he comes out of her mind abruptly. Lakshmi greets the visitors warmly and all of them reward her decorations and attire.

Lakshmi tells them that they have got organized a fashion dressmaker to assist them with the Punjabi attires for the party. The visitors are thrilled. Lakshmi says to Virendra that she has a few paintings for five mins and could come again put up doing it. Virendra tells her to go. Virendra teases Neelam and calls her Billo Rani. Neelam receives pissed at him and is going away. Aahana laughs at Virendra however he scolds her. Malishka waits for Rishi in a room however he doesn’t come there. Eventually, Malishka is going into his room and tells him that she became nerve-racking as she desired to test if Lakshmi had long past or now no longer.

Rishi tells her that Lakshmi did now no longer just like the present he gave her. Malishka says to Rishi that he must now no longer take care of her emotions however she honestly appreciated the present he gave her which proves that they may be all the time collectively. Malishka asks Rishi to mention I love you five instances as he did now no longer say it to her for two days. Lakshmi plans to extrade her Dupatta and put on the only she wore for the duration of her marriage as it’s miles taken into consideration auspicious. In order to take away it, Lakshmi hurts her finger and it bleeds. She hurriedly is going closer to her room. Rishi tells I love you four instances best and pushes Malishka as quickly as he sees Lakshmi.

Lakshmi’s finger hurts while she attempts to open the door and once more bleeds however does now no longer see Rishi and Malishka. Lakshmi enters the room and unearths her dupatta missing. Rishi and Malishka concealed withinside the gallery and Lakshmi’s dupatta is caught in Rishi’s wrist. Lakshmi unearths her dupatta close to the window however it slips from her hand. She once more is going to choose it up while she hurts her leg and sits at the mattress. Rishi attempts to cast off the dupatta however is not able to do so. Aahana asks Aayush if he has visible Malishka as Lakshmi has finalized a get dressed for her too. Aayush pulls Aahana’s legs and she or he is going away irritated. Shalu observes this and says it is right that God did now no longer provide her a brother like him. Aayush irritates and makes a laugh of Shalu to the center that makes her irritated and she or he makes a decision to train a lesson to him via way of means of complaining to Lakshmi.

Lakshmi alternatives up the dupatta and unearths Rishi and Malishka hiding at the back of the window. Lakshmi begins offevolved crying and says that she is straightforward however now no longer silly and she or he is conscious that some thing goes on among them. Lakshmi says to Rishi that she forgot herself for him and he behaved like that with her. Malishka stops Lakshmi and says that she is low-elegance and it became her who satisfied Rishi to marry her. Lakshmi slaps Malishka for gambling with a pious rite like marriage and knows that they each are having an affair and this is why she usually sees them collectively withinside the kitchen, hospital, and now here. Neelam and Karishma input and Lakshmi asks them in the event that they have been aware about Rishi and Malishka’s affair and that they dangle their heads. Lakshmi realizes that she is made a idiot because the entire residence besides her knew approximately Rishi and Malishka’s relationship.

Malishka tells Lakshmi that she had sufficient of her drama and tells her to go away the residence while Rishi says that Lakshmi stored him and he’s going to go away her and now no longer Lakshmi. Rishi says to Malishka that he doesn’t want her anymore however best calls for Lakshmi. He slaps her and Malishka’s dream breaks. Malishka is shaken to peer the sort of horrific dream. Lakshmi feels that her dupatta could have been caught in an iron pin and is going to get it and Malishka tears it from Rishi’s wrist and throws it to the ground. Lakshmi alternatives it up and unearths it torn and feels that it’s miles inauspicious if the wedding dupatta stays torn and makes a decision to sew it.

Lakshmi prays to god that nobody must come among Rishi and her. Rishi feels horrific for Lakshmi however stays silent. Aahana enters the room and asks if she has visible Malishka. Lakshmi tells her to make a name as she is probably busy. Malishka will become alert and tells Rishi that she threw her telecellsmartphone at the mattress in anger. Rishi slowly is going and receives Mlaishka’s telecellsmartphone. Aahana calls Malishka and her telecellsmartphone jewelry however Rishi places it on silent. Lakshmi and Aahana experience that the telecellsmartphone rang of their room best however forget about it.

Aahana tells Lakshmi that Malishka isn’t always answering her calls and sends her a text. Aahana facilitates Lakshmi positioned her marriage dupatta on her head and calls her beautiful. She teases Lakshmi that she is making plans to marry Rishi once more. Lakshmi says that marriage best occurs as soon as and that they get tied collectively for seven births. They each go away and Malishka and Rishi pop out of hiding. Malishka says that it became clearly near and she or he have become suffocated hiding at the back of the window.

Rishi appears nerve-racking and Malishka asks him why he’s troubled. Rishi says that he’s fine. Malishka is going to get geared up in Sonia’s room. Rishi fights his internal conflicts and he’s not able to recognize why is he getting tormented by Lakshmi’s temper or why is he feeling horrific if Lakshmi did now no longer just like the present he gave her. Rishi is calling himself why he felt horrific while Lakshmi’s dupatta were given torn and she or he have become sad. Rishi goes loopy with a majority of these mind and feels that he may have fallen for Lakshmi.