Rishi says I have given you promise and asks her to tell. Lakshmi says these bangles are good, but I thought you brought love band for me. He says you was checking love bands on net, but got this before. She says it was my misunderstanding, and tells that these bangles are very nice, and special gift being the first one from you. She thanks him. Malishka asks Lakshmi to come, as cake cutting time came. Lakshmi says we were talking. Rishi sees Malishka taking Lakshmi. He asks Malishka not to come between husband and wife, says I will take Lakshmi to dad, if he is calling her. He holds Lakshmi’s hand and takes her. Malishka thinks what the hell? Lakshmi tells Rishi that he behaved like he used to behave before marriage. Rishi says I have forgotten my phone. Lakshmi says it is in your hand. Rishi says I have forgotten to charge my phone. Gurucharan looks at Lakshmi. Lakshmi appreciates him for today’s work. Gurucharan asks her about her relation with Rishi after marriage. Lakshmi says she is very happy, Rishi is very good and his family too. He asks who was that girl and looks at Malishka? Lakshmi says she is Malishka, Rishi’s friend. Gurucharan says I understood at first sight. He says there is something going on between Rishi and Malishka, they are not just good friends, and asks if she is understanding what he said. Neelam sees love band in Malishka’s hand. Rishi comes back and wonders where is Malishka? He calls Malishka. Neelam also hears Gurucharan. Lakshmi turns and looks at Malishka, just then some guest come there and Lakshmi couldn’t see the love band in her hand. She tells Gurucharan that he is talking like Daljeet aunty and says Malishka is a very good girl, she is Karishma’s nanand’s nanand’s daughter and says there is nothing going on between them. Gurucharan says I hope so, but it is not right and says the way your husband and Malishka were dancing. Lakshmi says we are from village, and tells that they don’t meet guys, but here girls and guys go out together on date. She says anybody can dance with anyone, it is not a big deal. She hugs him and tells that she is very lucky to be here, she was just Lakshmi before, but now she has become bhagyalakshmi. Neelam gets relieved and goes. Lakshmi tells Gurucharan that she has ordered chole kulche for him. Virender hears them. Neelam comes to the inhouse temple and lights the diya. She says my heart is not calm, whatever we are doing is wrong, how can it be right? she says you have written everyone’s destiny and wrote markesh dosh in Rishi’s kundali and gave the power in Lakshmi’s kundali. She says you did this and made me become the medium. She says I am scared if Lakshmi comes to know about the truth.

Malishka asks Rishi what do you mean that if Lakshmi comes to know. She says I am very hurt today. Rishi says Lakshmi was expecting love band from me. She says how she thought that you will give her love band. She says she has become your wife and wants to become your lover. Rishi says I didn’t come to discuss this, and asks her to take out the love band. Malishka asks what?

Virender asks Gurucharan if he saw Lakshmi? Lakshmi says I am here. Virender asks her to give him so love to him also. Lakshmi says you are really my Bau ji. Virender opens his arms. She hugs him. Virender says meet my daughter Lakshmi, whom this world regards as my bahu. He says I have become your Bau ji first and then Rishi came in your life.

Malishka says you insulted me and went with Lakshmi, to save you and me. He asks her not to be sarcastic and take it out now itself. Malishka says I will hide it with dupatta, but will never take it off, as our bond will break. She promises him that Lakshmi will not know and asks him to give a cute smile to her. She then hugs him.

Karishma tells Malishka that if the anniversary cake falls down from Lakshmi’s hand, then anniversary celebration couldn’t complete. Malishka asks her to make the cake fall down, till then she will order new cake. Gurucharan tells Rishi that he can’t see anything wrong happening with Lakshmi. Karishma tells that she made the cake fell down. Lakshmi comes to Malishka and holds her hand to take her somewhere. She sees love band in her hand and gets doubtful.