Rishi knocks on all of the rooms and take out the visitors from the rooms. He receives in a room and asks if a person is here. He receives locked withinside the room because of the hearthplace security. He breaks the glass and attempts to open the door. He coughs and attempts to leap off from the window. Lakshmi realizes that she has misplaced her mother’s necklace internal.

She runs internal. The workforce member asks a person to tell Mr. Oberoi approximately the hearthplace withinside the resort and additionally approximately Rishi. Rishi shouts for assist. Lakshmi hears him and knocks at the door. Rishi faints. Lakshmi attempts to open the door. She shouts for assist and attempts to open the door. She thinks of her father’s motivational phrases and takes a rod to interrupt the door. She receives internal and coughs. She sees Rishi subconscious and asks him to get up.

Main Phir bhi tumko chahungi plays….She takes out the bedsheet from the mattress and continues Rishi on it. She then attempts to pull him out preserving the bedsheet. She sees hearthplace catching as much as his feet, attempts to spark off it. She then takes out her ghunghat and attempts to set the hearthplace off. Rishi opens his eyes a chunk and sees Lakshmi seeking to spark off the hearthplace stuck his feet.