Important information on Harmandir Sahib | Golden Temple

Important information of Harmandir Sahib

You are welcome, in our website we are going to tell you about a religious institution which is very famous in Punjab, (information of Harmandir Sahib) and people are very far away to see this place. Come because this place is very famous and remains very beautiful, we are going to talk about Harmandir Sahib, a city of Amritsar, famous in Punjab, which is also called Golden Temple, also called Golden Temple. It is said that Joking is a very good religious place and a historical place in Punjab.

It is called Golden Temple because it is made of whole gold and its gold sparkle adds beauty to its beauty when it is illuminated with lights at night, it feels very attracted and its there is a lake around, which is believed to be very much by the Sikhs, some more important information of the Golden Temple is given below.

History of Shri Harimandir Sahib

हरमंदिर साहिब का इतिहास

Talking about the history of Harmandir Sahib, the Golden Temple was founded by Guru Ramdas Ji on 1574 AD Guru Ramdas Ji is considered the fourth Guru of the Sikhs and he laid the foundation of this Harmandir Sahib from today. Who does not want to see this 400-year-old building, that’s why people from far away come to see the beauty of Golden Temple


Some important things: –

One of the special things of the Golden Temple is that it has 4 gates and its four gates mean that it is equal for all religions, be it Hindu Muslim Sikh Christian, Hindu Hindu Sikh Christian, that’s why Sikh Gurus have Has given 4 doors and another important thing of Harmandir Sahib is that the langar runs here day and night and recitation of Guru’s voice and like the temple of Hindus, Muslim’s mosque and British charge The Sikhs are charged the same way, the Sikhs are charged the same way, for the Sikhs, the Harmandir Sahib is equal to all these things and the gold which is installed in the Harmandir Sahib is about 160 kg.

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Amritsar & Jallianwala Bagh: –

If we talk about the city of Amritsar, then this city is very large and the population of this city is about 1100000. Another important information of this city, we give you, you must have heard the name of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, he must have murdered Jallianwala Bagh. The city was seen in Amritsar itself and that historic place is still located in the same city of Amritsar and everyday many people come there to see all those historical things, even people from Forn to see this historical place. Come for

अमृतसर & जलियांवाला बाग :-

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