Barrister Babu 9 March 2021 Written Update

The Episode begins with Bondita addressing Anirudh. Trilochan says he may not answer, its not off-base, I have perused in Shastra, connection of a couple is unadulterated. Ramanujh says marriage means such a connection between a spouse and a wife. Sampoorna requests that they trade festoons and tell everybody that the connection is made by heart, not defenselessness. Anirudh tosses the laurels. He says our connection isn’t associated by heart. Bondita gets stunned. She inquires as to for what reason are you lying, our marriage is valid. He says I will rehash it for you, our connection isn’t made by heart, we can have a connection like a couple, you are only my duty. Bondita inquires as to why not concur, perhaps you don’t understand, I have seen the signs when we remained in the little house, I used to grin contemplating you, mycheeks got red seeing you, same occurred with you, you made another world for me and consistently secured me. She says I realize you additionally accept this connection, its our connection is likewise similar to other people. Anirudh yells stop Bondita.

He says I did this as humankind. She says you have offered hints that you accept our connection.


He asks what signs. She says you do a great deal for me, you consented to return home as you can’t see me upset, you care for me a ton. Trilochan says I have seen your connection, Anirudh you have made nourishment for your significant other, you made a swing for her agreeable rest. Bondita says if it’s not too much trouble, acknowledge, I beseech you, stop this joke.Anirudh says I didn’t grin considering you. He reviews Manorama. He says we can’t have a couple connection, attempt to comprehend, its a one of a kind connection. She asks how could it be unique, we are additionally a couple. He says indeed, I have filled sindoor in your maang, not on the grounds that my heart needed, its a show, an untruth, our connection is unique, in light of the fact that our marriage was extraordinary.


Bondita asks what do you mean, didn’t you fill sindoor in my maang and take seven pledges, is this not my sasural. Anirudh says indeed, I have filled your maang, I had no real way to save you from an awful custom, I had taken guarantees of securing you, I m bound to you by duty, not by heart, I will consistently keep that security, I have you taught, I needed you to acquire a change society, you become a motivation for other people, our marriage was likewise a terrible custom to stop another awful custom, nothing else, you are only an obligation and will consistently be, yet our connection doesn’t make any difference to me.Bondita gets stunned. Anirudh says our connection has no other significance, we can never have a couple connection. He goes. She inquires as to for what reason is my marriage an awful custom. She cries.

Sampoorna says on the grounds that your marriage was occurring with an elderly person, not Anirudh, that elderly person kicked the bucket during the rounds, you turned into a widow prior to getting favored, your Sasural individuals planned to make you Sati. Bondita gets stunned. Sampoorna says you were oblivious, you don’t have a clue, everybody realizes that your marriage was only a trade off, you were going to get singed alive, Anirudh wedded you to save your life, he needed to save you from the terrible custom of Sati, he filled your maang with sindoor, else his marriage was fixed with Saudamini, he broke his connection as a result of you.


Bondita cries and says no, this isn’t correct, its a lie.Sampoorna says fine, ask Trilochan, Anirudh was vulnerable to take the promises, he didn’t get his better half in this house, he got a duty, a weight that will destroy his satisfaction, you have grabbed all his joys, he has done pity on you, you got everything, what did Anirudh did, his life is passing in tackling his issues, you ought to be appreciative to him, when you didn’t give him any joy of a spouse, at that point how might you request rights.



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