Barrister Babu 9 April 2021 Written Update

Scene begins with Bondita saying lawyer coat has a place with her in particular. She says she will just investigation to become Barrister Babu. She will buckle down. Anirudh grins. Manorama says I can atleast click an image wearing this coat and cap. Bondita says its my Patibabu’s fantasy. I’ll just satisfy it. Bondita wears the coat and leaves from that point. Anirudh gets glad.

Bondita says Manorama can’t grab her fantasies. She will satisfy Anirudh’s fantasies. She guarantees Anirudh and herself also. Anirudh says he effectively persuaded Bondita.


Bondita discloses to Vatuk she will begin going to class with him from tomorrow. Vatuk says Anirudh torn her duplicates, instructor will blow up. Bondita says she will again keep in touch with them. Vatuk gets stunned realizing that Bondita will complete the process of thinking of them in one evening. Anirudh gets thrilled and shares his bliss with Manorama. He expresses gratitude toward Manorama for aiding him to such an extent. He holds her hand out of energy. Later they feel humiliated. Anirudh says sorry to her. Manorama advises no compelling reason to say sorry as we are companions. This sounds off-kilter. Manorama acclaims Anirudh for supporting Bondita. Manorama says Anirudh has forfeited a ton for Bondita. Anirudh additionally adulates Manorama for her valiance. They acknowledge each other’s kinship. Manorama gets agitated with the way that their kinship will not last more as Manorama will lose her life. She sits tight for Vice Roy show.


Trilochan can’t peruse the paper because of issues in his glasses. Bondita peruses it for Trilochan and he gets glad. Bondita peruses one feature that Vice Roy General will visit Tulsipur in three days. Manorama gets glad to think about it. One container tumbles down. Trilochan gets chafed and saya Manorama knows nothing. Bodnita appreciates. Manorama asks did they get greeting to go to the show of Vice Roy General. Binoy uncovers thakur dropped Roychowdhury’s name from the visitors list as he acted mischievously with Bondita and needs to deliver retribution from Roychowdhury. Manorama recommends to converse with Queen Baibhavi so she permits them to go to the show. Trilochan educates he doesn’t mind regarding the show. Noone will go there. Manorama leaves. Bondita feels why Manorama got disturbed this much.

Manorama uncovers her vulnerability to Anirudh. She was going to tell that she can even give her life to satisfy the mission. Read more…..


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