Bihari requesting that Anirudh save Bondita. Anirudh says we will proceed to eliminate the banners, come, it’s not possible for anyone to hurt her until I m with her. Bondita is occupied with contemplating. Bihari comes to Trilochan and requests that he have food, he is experiencing fever as of now. Anirudh says Trilochan is obstinate, assuming Bondita tells something, he will hear her out. He makes Trilochan passionate. He says Trilochan consistently tunes in to her, his resoluteness closes when she converses with him, I will make her discussion to him. He calls the lodging and requests Bondita. The woman says she is in some class. Anirudh says disclose to her that its critical, Trilochan is sick, he is feeling the loss of her. The woman gives the message to Bondita. Bondita grins and thinks he has called me. Mami asks the man to simply do as she said, she is smart, reveal to her that Anirudh has sent you to take her home, Trilochan has become sick. The man gestures and goes inside the school. Bondita hangs tight for the call.

Mami is additionally near. She sees Bondita. Anirudh calls Bondita. The man says Trilochan is sick, Anirudh has sent me to take you home, accompany me. Bondita says what, he is calling me for that reason, I will converse with him. The man says it will be past the point of no return, accompany me. She leaves. She stops and sees the ringing telephone. Anirudh calls once more. Bondita says stop, I won’t go anyplace without conversing with Anirudh. Mami sees the phone wire and cuts it. Bondita doesn’t get any voice. Anirudh says telephone isn’t interfacing. The man demands her to come. The woman says Anirudh said Trilochan is sick, how is he now. The man says he sent me to take her. Bondita leaves with him. Anirudh says we are additionally obstinate like Kaka. He says I will approach the school number and make Kaka converse with Bondita. He approaches another number. The woman answers the call. Anirudh requests Bondita, Trilochan needs to converse with her. The woman says I comprehend, I have allowed her to return home. Anirudh asks how might she come alone. She inquires as to why, you had sent somebody to pick her, she went with him. He asks who, I didn’t send anybody, with whom did you send her. Trilochan and Bihari hear this and stress. Anirudh closes the call. Trilochan asks did the residents realize where is she, we need to accomplish something, she is at serious risk, you need to save her. Anirudh drops the telephone. Trilochan leaves.

Anirudh additionally surges. Bondita is in transit. She says we went ahead the incorrect way. The man says this is additionally an alternate way. She says you are lying, who are you, for what reason did you come, Anirudh didn’t send you, I will proceed to advise him. Trilochan says I will proceed to take my bahu. Anirudh says no, I will proceed to take her. Trilochan asks how will you respond, you are answerable for this issue. Anirudh asks would I get glad in the event that she is in difficulty. Trilochan chastens him. Bondita goes to go. Mami comes there and hits on her head. Bondita blacks out. Mami says I will get the award now. Trilochan requests that Bihari get the vehicle. Anirudh says I have clarified you ordinarily, I guarantee, I will bring her back home securely, you realize I generally stay faithful to my obligation.

Mami says I will shroud her before anybody sees her, she will acquire awareness till morning. She takes Bondita’s gold chain. She offers it to the man and sends him. She takes Bondita with her. She says I need to illuminate the hooligan, I could do without her, I simply need my cash. Anirudh goes to the inn and requests that the woman help him. He asks how did the man show up. She helps him. She says he would have removed Bondita. Anirudh says they would be close by, let me know whether Bondita comes. Bondita awakens and thinks where am I, who had hit on my head, and why. She yells for help. She reviews Anirudh’s words. A woman is seen coming at the inn and getting some information about Bondita. She chides the staff woman, who says that Bondita got abducted, Anirudh will save her. The woman says don’t take his name, he experiences put Bondita in difficulty.Read more…..