Barrister Babu 8 April 2021 Episode Written Update

The Episode begins with Trilochan asking Bondita not to stress, he will end every one of her issues. He requests that she help. Bondita attempts to help. Anirudh says you have gotten some information about maths, she has left maths quite a while ago, you ought to get some information about preparing food. Bondita says no, I can reply. Anirudh says fine, at that point advise it. He says you need to rehearse maths consistently, Manorama likewise knows it well. He requests that Manorama tell Kaka. Manorama asks me? I will offer a response. Trilochan requests that she answer. Manorama says the appropriate response is… . Anirudh signs her. Manorama says 575. Anirudh says take a gander at her, she offered the response. Trilochan says so what, would she be able to make great tea like Bondita or know Durga shtotra. Anirudh acclaims Manorama. Trilochan asks her not to take this on her heart. Bondita goes. Manorama checks

some guide. Anirudh comes. The glass tumbles down the entryway.


She conceals the guide. He says its a decent method to get ready before anybody comes, yet the glass might have fallen on my head. She asks are you harmed. He says no. She says whatever Sampoorna did, I m remaining alarm. He says I can comprehend. He says you will pursue your central goal finishes, what should I say on the off chance that anybody from our families ask where did you go. She says I will be going excessively far, I mean I need to leave the city. He says express gratitude toward God, I felt… She thinks you thought right, you don’t realize that I need to forfeit my life for finishing this mission. Bondita comes in and recounts 23’s increase table. She asks him is he upset. Anirudh says I m upbeat, Manorama composed this english exposition, its so great. Manorama figures I will be gotten in the event that she requests that I read it. Bondita requests that she read it. Manorama says you can’t peruse it.Bondita inquires as to why, I have gotten the hang of everything admirably, show me. The paper takes off. Anirudh says I like to educate, I will instruct Manorama. Bondita cries and goes. She peruses the exposition, estimation of training. She says Manorama has composed well, the article is great. She goes. Its morning, Bondita peruses the article once more. She goes out and sees a photographic artist. She inquires as to for what reason did he come. She sees Anirudh and Manorama getting their pic clicked. She stops them and says its not right. Anirudh says everything is correct. He says these attorney garments, its yours, recollect that we got a pic clicked, Manorama additionally got the correct fitting, it suits her a ton, you wear a cover, your saree will not get ruined. Bondita says no, its not fine, this is mine and will be mine. He grins.


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