Barrister Babu 7 May 2021 Written update

Scene begins with Anirudh advising Vihari to eliminate the banners. He says furiously I am with Bondita. Noone can hurt her. Anirudh says I’ll likewise go with you to eliminate Bondita’s banners.

Bondita misses Anirudh while considering. Vihari demands Trilochan to eat something. He got fever also. Trilochan rejects. Anirudh says Trilochan wont hear us out. In any case, if Bondita advises him to deal with himself. He will concur as Trilochan is truly resolved. Trilochan looks broke. Anirudh brings in the lodging. Instructor reveals to him Bondita is in class. Anirudh tells if it’s not too much trouble, educate Bondita that Trilochan needs to converse with her. Bondita gets glad to realize that Anirudh called her.


Anirudh sits tight for Bondita’s call. Deboleena sends one man to take Bondita. She advises him to lie that Trilochan isn’t well so he is here to take Bondita so she can meet Trilochan. Anirudh calls Bondita and before Bondita could get it that individual comes and lies about Trilochan to Bondita. Telephone rings. Bondita says she will not go anyplace until she converses with Anirudh. She gets the call yet the call gets disengaged for reasons unknown. Educator advises Bondita to go to meet Trilochan as he is unwell. The individual continues to say Anirudh sent him to take Bondita to haweli. Bondita concurs. Deboleena grins and notification Bondita. Bondita leaves.


Anirudh brings in the inn utilizing another number. He says Trilochan needs to converse with Bondita. Instructor illuminates him about the individual he shipped off take Bondita with him. Bondita previously left for Tulsipur. Anirudh gets stunned and astounded. Trilochan discloses to Anirudh we should discover Bondita. Townspeople ought not know where Bondita is. Trilochan faults Anirudh for the setback. Trilochan says you sent Bondita away from us. On the off chance that something happens to her you will be capable. Trilochan says he will go to discover Bondita. Anirudh attempts to stop him. He says whatever he did is for Bondita’s acceptable as it were. With regards to Bondita’s wellbeing he can go to any degree to save her. Anirudh says I generally redress my mix-ups you realize that. I’ll satisfy my guarantee.

Bondita comprehends the individual is attempting to misdirect her. She stops in the halfway and says we are going in misguided course. Anirudh didn’t send you. You are here for some other explanation. She is going to leave yet Deboleena hits Bondita’s head. Bondita gets stunned to see her. Deboleena says I simply need the cash. Bondita will kick the bucket without a doubt. Bondita falls oblivious and Deboleena gives Bondita’s memento to that individual as a prize. Deboleena shifts Bondita some place and considers educating the resident that she limited Bondita.




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