Barrister Babu 7 April 2021 Episode Written Update

begins with Anirudh insulting Bondita. He says Bondita doesn’t do what she says. She jumps at the chance to do family works. So Bondita should focus on that as it were. Bondita gets stunned and Anirudh continues to say Bondita should make heavenly dishes with the goal that Anirudh will eat them as opposed to eating Manorama’s dull food. He advises Bondita to take the pressing factor cooker. Bondita inquires as to for what reason wouldn’t she be able to turn into a decent little girl in law just as a decent spouse. Anirudh says Bondita can’t deal with two positions together. Bondita leaves.

Bondtia hears the pressing factor cooker sound. Koyeli gets frightened. Bondita says its truly simple to utilize the cooker. Manorama converses with Anirudh that she got frightened when Anirudh was acting like he was flushed. She figured Anirudh will uncover her reality. Anirudh uncovers he didn’t drink the bhaang thandai yet he saw Sampurna spiked Manorama’s beverage and he took it from her. Neither he drank nor he permitted Manorama to drink it. Anirudh cautions Manorama in regards to Sampurna’s shrewd expectations. Manorama acclaims Anirudh for his help towards Bondita. Manorama says Bondita cannot improve accomplice than him. He is Bondita’s solidarity.


Bondita gets pleased seeing she figured out how to cook in pressure cooker. Bondita says she will show Koyeli how to utilize the cooker. She says Anirudh will be glad to think about it. Anirudh sees Bondita and applies turn around brain science. He torns papers of Bondita’s duplicates for splashing the additional oil from the Puris. Bondita gets stunned and says she adores her books and duplicates. Anirudh shouldn’t have done it. Anirudh says there’s no utilization of it as Bondita would not like to contemplate. She is making dishes. She isn’t old Bondita any longer. Anirudh says Principal additionally said Bondita isn’t keen on examinations. She will fizzle in tests. Anirudh uncovers he disclosed to Principal that Bondita will not come to class after certain days. Bondita recalls everything gets disturbed. Anirudh thinks Bondita is smart she will comprehend everything what he implied.


Bondita offers food to Anirudh and sees He is showing Manorama how to utilize the typewriter. Bondita gets desirous. Anirudh says look how Manorama is figuring out how to utilize it so well exactly how Bondita has figured out how to utilize the cooker. Anirudh advises bravo to Manorama. Bondita gets vexed that Anirudh use to advise bravo to her as it were. However, presently he is adulating Manorama. Anirudh advises Bondita to bring more Puris. Bondita insults Anirudh that she can’t make Puris as flour isn’t left. She leaves. Anirudh says Bondita ought to have said that she needs to concentrate once more. Anirudh says Bondita should address herself why she is troubled and for what reason is she feeling upset. Read More…….


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