The episode begins offevolved with Anirudh recalling Bondita’s words. Trilochan takes Anirudh to children’s room. He says Anirudh have become dad or mum of those orphan children as they misplaced their dad and mom because of Krishna Nagar human beings. Trilochan says Anirudh has to serve justice to Tulsipur and he can’t be selfish, Trilochan says he believes Anirudh will take the proper choice.

In Panchayat Thakuma tells Bondita to now no longer say whatever however Chandrachur will deal with the matter. Somnath suggests proofs to Panch head pronouncing Bondita used sulfur to make Anirudh lose withinside the competition. Chandrachur says there’s no evidence that Bondita despatched some of these garments to Anirudh. He asks the attorney and the latter lies to everybody that Bondita used to return back to courtroom docket for work. She in no way went to Roychowdhury haweli. Bondita tells the fact ignoring Sumati’s warning. She says she will be able to’t be cheating as Anirudh won’t like it. He manner the whole lot to her.

Bondita exhibits the fact in the front of everybody and says simplest Anirudh’s opinion subjects to her. He trusts her or he thinks she is a deceiver. She questions Anirudh what he feels approximately her. Does he suppose she will be able to play together along with his emotions and make such plans. Trilochan asks Bondita then why she blended sulfur in Anirudh’s garments and despatched it to him earlier than competition.

Bondita says she despatched a letter too pointing out she is Bondita, did Anirudh get it? She tells him all the ones moments she spent with him being Vaijayanthi have been genuine, she didn’t need to harm him. Those feelings have been now no longer faux like how she made him consume rasgulla, he laughed due to her after 8 years, their friendship the whole lot she did with natural intentions simplest. Anirudh remains quiet and Bondita says his silence is killing her from inside. His silence proved that he additionally considers her a criminal. Bondita says she can be able to be given whatever as punishment.

Thakuma takes her apart and tells her to extrade her mind. Chandrachur says he doesn’t accept as true with Bondita is a secret agent. Bondita replies she is really a secret agent due to the fact Anirudh thinks so. Anirudh feels she entered his residence with incorrect intentions so she can be able to be given what punishment Anirudh will deliver to her. Chandrachur says he won’t allow Anirudh ruin Bondita’s existence. Panchayet participants inform approximately their choice that Bondita got here right here as secret agent. She confessed to the crime so she can be able to get punished for certain. Sumati asks Bondita what’s going to appear to her now. Read more…..

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