Trilochan sits pitiful. Sampoorna comes there and looks on. Bihari gets food. Trilochan denies. Anirudh comes there. He stops Bihari and takes the nourishment for Trilochan. Sampoorna says something isn’t right. Bondita asks. She says I need to make another beginning. The woman requests that she make a genealogical record to think about her and her family. Bondita gets the photos. She makes the genealogy of Roy Choudhary family. She thinks I miss them all.

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Mami asks what did we arrive, we lost the house. A man comes and says I can make you rich. She asks how. He requests that she call her significant other. She says he is futile, I mean he went to look for some kind of employment. He requests that she murder Bondita, discover where is she, take her to the town, you can get 25000. Bondita says I have two genealogies, I m twofold fortunate, they love me a great deal, I love them a ton. Mami says you got frantic, you can’t contact Bondita, Anirudh is with her, he will slaughter me in the event that he knows I m included. He says fine, I will discover another person. She says you execute her, I will simply get her here, will I get cash. He says OK, get her to me, will work. Read more…..