At the opposition scene, Anirudh comes. Pandit does the aarti. Chandrachur figures Anirudh will feel the consuming sensation now. The man reports the start of the opposition, among Anirudh and Chandrachur with group. Thakumaa and Trilochan look on. The battle starts. Chandrachur thinks I began the genuine game in Tulsipur. He sends his thugs home.

The worker goes to Sampoorna and requests that she see the children, they are crying. She says I will go. Binoy says don’t go. She goes. The worker opens the indirect access and believes Krishnanagar’s men will come from here to assault Binoy. The thugs lock Sampoorna inside the children’s room.

She thumps the entryway. Bondita is coming. Her shoe breaks. She returns home and asks where is Anirudh. The gatekeeper says he went for the opposition. She thinks it implies he didn’t get my letter, else he couldn’t ever have gone there, I need to go there and discover, I need to stop this brutality.

The worker assaults Binoy. Binoy yells. Bondita goes into the house. Sampoorna sees her and thumps the entryway. Binoy and the medical attendant yell for help. The hooligans follow him. Sampoorna thumps the entryway. Anirudh gets his sword. He feels uncomfortable. He believes what’s befalling me, for what reason am I seeing everything obscure, for what reason are my hands shaking. Read more…..