Barrister Babu 4 May 2021 Written Updates full episode

The Episode begins with Trilochan saying its preferred to kick the bucket over this torment to see your detachment with Bondita. Anirudh yells Kaka, you will not utter a word. Bondita says don’t says this, you will get fine. Anirudh requests that Bihari take Kaka to the specialist. Trilochan says we will not go anyplace, in the event that you are difficult, I m more obstinate, fill sindoor in Bondita’s maang and remarry her in the event that you need to see me alive.

Anirudh says we will see that later, we need to go to specialist first, I can’t allow anything to happen to you. Trilochan asks wouldn’t you be able to give me something last, its my last wish, satisfy it, fill her maang. Bihari says do what Trilochan is saying, fill her maang with sindoor, Trilochan is falling virus. Anirudh sees Bondita. She sees the ice pack behind Trilochan. Bihari approaches her. He says you got Trilochan’s falsehood, don’t you need to become Bondita Roy Choudhary and come to haveli once more. She thinks indeed, I need to be with Anirudh and family, however Anirudh doesn’t need this. Bihari cries and demands her. Anirudh takes the sindoor box.


Trilochan says fill her maang. Anirudh goes to fill her maang. She reviews his words and stops him. She says you needed to play out this terrible custom to save my life, you don’t have to do this once more, don’t feel remorseful, nothing happened to Trilochan. She shows the ice pack and says he has done this dramatization to join us. Anirudh gets stunned. He inquires as to for what reason did you do this. Trilochan inquires as to for what reason are you doing this, you have gotten Bondita’s future, what’s your opinion about your future, how might you end your depression. Anirudh says you additionally remained alone without spouse and youngsters, you didn’t think twice about it right, for what reason did you not wed. Trilochan says I had taken a choice that I won’t ever wed, I didn’t feel alone, in light of the fact that you kids were with me, I went through my time on earth in overseeing all of you, shouldn’t something be said about you, you don’t understand now, yet following not many years, when far off feel forlorn, how will you respond, hear me out, it is difficult to live alone, life will turn into a weight.


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