Barrister Babu 4 April 2021 Written Update

She yells and lifts hand on Bondita. Trilochan comes and sees this. She yells. Bondita yells to Anirudh. Trilochan says Bondita is Anirudh’s first spouse and you are second wife, consistently recollect this. Bondita asks will not you reprimand Manorama now. Anirudh gets quiet. He figures my endeavors will fall flat on the off chance that I say anything. Bondita says you have transformed, you could do without me now, you’re not my defender now.

She gets miserable. She gets a stick. She requests that Anirudh beat him. She says you additionally become like different men, you think right on the off chance that somebody slaps your better half, you likewise slap me, break my trust. Anirudh cries. He says you need to give talk with, you need to answer everything right and get affirmation in the school, you will go to the inn tomorrow, I will not adjust my perspective, I don’t need any pardon. Bondita cries. Read more….



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