Chandrachur sings. Trilochan says Bondita has done this, wouldn’t you be able to see, she has become stone-hearted, she failed to remember your connection. Anirudh says we shouldn’t make hasty judgments, perhaps it’s somebody’s arrangement. Trilochan asks if your heart is associated with her, do you actually like her. Anirudh says no, it is perhaps somebody’s arrangement. Somnath says I conceded them to the emergency clinic, one of them lost his life. Anirudh says I will give a strong answer to Krishnanagar individuals.

Trilochan says no need, you will show them something new in the opposition by overcoming Chandrachur, break their pride and bones likewise, I will declare your marriage with Vaijanti, this will be a slap for Bondita, she should realize that we know to keep hostility. Anirudh says yet marriage isn’t required. Trilochan says its my order, you will wed Vaijanti.

Its morning, Bondita is coming. Anirudh sees the wristband. Bondita comes and thumps. She says I will not place you in a trouble, pick this red rose if your answer is yes for wedding me, else pick this yellow rose, reveal to me the justification your rejecting, assuming you can’t say, compose it. He says indeed, you are correct, I need to choose for you and myself additionally, I need to account for myself, that I can’t flee from myself, we can’t contact our own shadow. He picks the yellow rose. She grins and thinks expresses gratitude toward Durga maa, it implies, no to Vaijanti and yes to Bondita. He discards the yellow rose. He reviews Trilochan’s words. He picks the red rose. She gets stunned. She says it implies, its your yes. He leaves. She cries. Read More