Barrister Babu 3 March 2021 Written Update

He says he went to orchestrate my expenses, don’t stress, he really focuses on me a ton, you realize he made nourishment for me. Trilochan asks truly. She says indeed, will you have it. He eats the food and says its delectable.

He thinks I thought it right, Bondita is calling the consumed food scrumptious. She requests that Bihari give Trilochan’s shoes to her. Trilochan inquires as to why, take it. She contacts the shoes and says I needed your favors.


Trilochan favors her. She says you favor me to remain content with Anirudh. He says yes. Anirudh goes to the official and figures I can get cash for charges by giving her data to the police. The young lady looks on. Read More….


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