Barrister Babu 29th January 2021 Written Update

The Episode begins with Bondita sees the bandanna and says I will restore it to Anirudh. Mami shows some arrangement to Sampoorna. She says we can dispose of the issue along these lines. Mom grins. Sampoorna goes to Anirudh. She says guarantee me, you won’t chasten Bondita, this is the genuine records book, it was changed, don’t you confide in me, you check it yourself. Anirudh asks how could this occur. He checks and says this has the correct records. She says Bondita and Trilochan have caught my father. Bondita irons the hanky. She says I can’t battle with Anirudh, I can’t endure. Sampoorna grumbles about Bondita. She says Bondita is my more youthful sister, its my dharm to conceal her slip-up, I m saying this as its foul play with my folks, my heart is crying a great deal, Trilochan has blindfold Bondita with affection, he is utilizing her guiltlessness. Anirudh yells Bondita… .

Bondita hears him and drops the hot iron. Sampoorna says don’t utter a word, Trilochan has offended my folks, Bondita did this. Bondita comes. Anirudh says you have conned the family, you did this on Trilochan’s maxim, there isn’t anything incorrectly in this records book, yet you have indicated wrong one, for what reason did you accuse your Mama. Bondita says its false. Anirudh says Trilochan and you will come clean to the family now. Sampoorna says pardon me Bondita, I needed to include you in this falsehood. She cries. Anirudh yells Kaka… . Trilochan comes. Anirudh says you are utilizing Bondita’s honesty, you are making her against her sister. Bondita says I didn’t change the book. Trilochan says its fine, I comprehend. He says Sampoorna has attached the blindfold to your eyes, she is attempting to refute us. Anirudh requests that he quit focusing on her. Anirudh says we realize you don’t care for Sampoorna, circumstance was to such an extent that she needed to wed Binoy, it was a result of you, you have deceived her folks, that is the reason her folks won’t go anyplace, they will remain here with us. Trilochan says you hear me out now, I have taken a choice, her folks will go, my choice won’t transform, I can’t get visually impaired. Anirudh says fine, at that point I will take off from this house. Bondita asks how might you say this. Anirudh says I can’t remain in the house where there are tricks against Sampoorna. He says Sampoorna, her folks and I will take off from the house, we will allow Bondita and Trilochan to remain alone here, come. Binoy sees her and reviews the mishap. He says nobody will go anyplace, its my home, she is my better half, on the off chance that Trilochan has any issue, at that point he can go to Vrindavan. Everybody gets stunned.


Binoy requests that Trilochan consume his time on earth in harmony. Trilochan says I will follow arranging this wreck, I won’t allow this soil to get on my family, never Binoy. He irately goes. Binoy gazes at Sampoorna. Bondita requests that Anirudh come to Trilochan, he is abundantly vexed. She says disclose to him that you’re not irate, you love and regard him. Sampoorna figures no, don’t go with Bondita today, else my arrangement will fall flat. Anirudh dismisses. Bondita says I will go on the off chance that you don’t go, nobody will rest hungry until I m here.




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