Barrister Babu 29 April 2021 Written Update

Its morning, Bondita converses with Durga maa and appeals to God for Anirudh’s satisfaction. Sampoorna asks Koyli where is everybody. Koyli says they all went out. Sampoorna says Bondita isn’t the proprietor of the house, stress over my outrage. She figures my work will be simple when Bondita is separated from everyone else here, I can send her far for eternity.

The men are en route to the haveli. Bondita masterminds the books in Anirudh’s room. Anirudh is in transit. He says I trust Bondita likes this sweater. Bihari is harmed. He hurries to Anirudh and says save Bondita, the locals have kept Trilochan hostage,


they need to slaughter her, they said she has no privilege to remain alive, save her. Anirudh gets stunned and races to home. The furious townspeople get back home. They search for Bondita. She hears them talking. Read more……..


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