Scene begins with Anirudh and Bonditha wents to advertise. Bonditha needs to have kulfi however she signs no when Anirudh inquires as to whether she needs it. Anirudh orders one kulfi for him than he appreciates it. Bonditha can’t stay silent than she requests that Anirudh get her kulfi. Anirudh orders another kulfi for her, she appreciates it.

Anirudh says we can never imagine that we can’t do it in any case our psyche fixes that we can’t, he cleans Kulfi from Bonditha mouth than says you have believe that you can learn maths effectively than you can get it rapidly. Bonditha says she can do it and takes hanky from him saying she will give it in the wake of cleaning it in any case ight occurs among spouse and husband than she demands Anirudh for another Kulfi and appreciates it cheerfully. Devoleena and her better half appreciates in haveli, Devoleena requests that her significant other oversee accounts in the manner Bonditha can never got their cheating.

Mami says Bonditha can never got us and they thinks how to take more sums. Sampoorna went to their room and requests that her folks manage their job effectively without doing any defilement. Devoleena reveals to her that they are doing effectively. Bonditha completes her schoolwork and shows it to Anirudh. Anirudh says these answers aren’t right so rehearse it again than you will get it effectively on the grounds that Practice make you awesome. Bonditha concurs. Bonditha follows Anirudh , Anirudh asks what she needs. Bonditha gives him book, Anirudh attempts to clarify than sees her answers are correct and asks what she needs as blessing.

Bonditha says no need of blessing, I need to complete my Incompleted work. Devoleena says check it in the event that you won’t confide in Bonditha. Trilochan says I believe Bonditha so I won’t check it and he requests that they take cash. Bonditha stops him saying she needs to check accounts once more. Trilochan asks her to reevaluate them. Anirudh says I confide in Bonditha Mama, he will keep up right records. Devoleena says yes yet she signs Sampoorna to stop Bonditha however she was unable to comprehend. Bondita cries subsequent to checking the bookkeeping book. Anirudh checks it. Trilochan requests that she shout out.

Anirudh checks the book and says she won’t talk anything since Mama ji has just made mistakes. Sampoorna thinks I cautioned them still they stoled the cash. Anirudh addresses why they broke their trust. Trilochan says that is the reason I rejected to give them obligation, I can’t permit these sort of individuals to remain in my home and he requests that they take off from the house right away.