The Episode begins with Bondita thinking I have no privilege on these enhancement when my marriage has turned void. She eliminates the gems and sindoor. She applies some bindi and cries. Trilochan comes. He cries seeing her in regular clothes. She dismisses. He says I never envisioned that I would see this day in my life, excuse me, confide in me, my happiness has blurred down, everything is ruined, I never imagined that this would occur. Bondita inquires as to for what reason are you saying this, I m not going anyplace, I will remain with you all in this haveli. He says no, its unpleasant thing yet obvious, a lady has no personality without a connection, you are youthful, you will not have the option to comprehend. He goes. Bondita stays there and cries. She recalls everything. Anirudh thinks I need to accomplish something for getting Bondita. He says very much like that, you will go there and buckle down, concentrate well and make your future splendid, I will battle the general public myself.

Sampoorna’s helper says we need to rebuff them, we should murder that Bondita. The men concur. Anirudh says I can’t allow anything to happen to you, why does it make a difference, we will not be close yet our connection is associated by our souls, you compose letters to me, I will answer, we will chat on phone each day, will you go there, I don’t need the general public to bound you once more, trust me. Bondita says I believe you a great deal, in the event that I can break connection for you, wouldn’t i be able to leave Tulsipur. She goes. He cries.

Its morning, Bondita converses with Durga maa and appeals to God for Anirudh’s satisfaction. Sampoorna asks Koyli where is everybody. Koyli says they all went out. Sampoorna says Bondita isn’t the proprietor of the house, stress over my outrage. She figures my work will be simple when Bondita is separated from everyone else here, I can send her far for eternity. The men are en route to the haveli. Bondita masterminds the books in Anirudh’s room. Anirudh is in transit. He says I trust Bondita likes this sweater.

Bihari is harmed. He hurries to Anirudh and says save Bondita, the locals have kept Trilochan hostage, they need to slaughter her, they said she has no privilege to remain alive, save her. Anirudh gets stunned and races to home. The furious townspeople get back home. They search for Bondita. She hears them talking.