The Episode begins with Bondita reviewing Anirudh’s words. Anirudh says Bondita and I had a marriage by this awful custom, Bondita’s assent is devil, since she is a lady, she has come leaving her Maayka, a lady who forfeits a great deal prior to coming to Sasural, that is the reason, a lady’s assessment matters in excess of a spouse. Trilochan thinks I m sure that Bondita won’t allow her connection to end. The sarpanch says lady’s assessment doesn’t make any difference to us, yet law is new, we will hear her out. Panch part requests Bondita to keep her perspectives in front from the panch, what is her choice. Anirudh requests that Bondita reveal to her choice, nobody will squeeze her. He requests that she say.

Trilochan says she is quiet, it implies she isn’t with Anirudh in his choice, their connection and marriage will be

exactly. Binoy says right, our bahu won’t give her penance to fix the general public, its done. Anirudh says stand by, I need to listen to her once. He inquires as to whether she disagrees. She says your statement will be Lord’s assertion for me, I will accept whatever you say as truth, your choice is my ultimate conclusion. Trilochan cries. Bondita says in the event that kid marriage is a terrible custom, we will speak loudly against this awful custom, assuming it invalidates our connection, I acknowledge it. Anirudh takes a gander at her. Sampoorna grins.

Bondita says I concur with your choice, we won’t be a couple from now, our connection parts from today, he will not be my better half. The panch part says we likewise call this connection void at this point. Sarpanch says this connection didn’t occur on papers, they took seven rounds by keeping fire as witness, we need to make them take inverse adjusts now. Anirudh asks what. They are made to take the rounds in a contrary manner/strolling in reverse. They review their marriage. The man says you’re not a couple from now, you won’t assume liability of your satisfaction and distress. Anirudh yells no, Bondita was my obligation and will consistently be. Bondita cries.

Anirudh says she will remain in our haveli with us, not as a spouse, but rather as a relative, I will deal with her, it’s not possible for anyone to prevent me from satisfying my duty. Sampoorna’s helper asks how could this be conceivable, by what right would she be able to remain here when your connection is finished, what duty is left at that point. The man says a lady can remain as a little girl, bahu or spouse, you have no privilege on Bondita now. He breaks their gathbandhan. Anirudh says indeed, we don’t have a couple connection, we don’t have any such connection acknowledged by the general public, however we accept the connection made by heart, it’s not possible for anyone to comprehend it here, nobody can prevent me from satisfying my guarantee, did everybody hear that.

He requests that Bondita come. He gives his hand. Sampoorna’s helper yells to stop them. He says assuming you stay together with no connection, we won’t endure it, the result will be awful, Bondita expressed huge things and declined to marriage, she didn’t imagine that lady needs to confront critical outcomes, individuals affront such ladies and darken face, in the event that you hold Anirudh’s hand today, you will lament a ton. Sampoorna grins. Bondita wipes her tears. She holds Anirudh’s hands. She says you are saying that I will lament, wrong, I will be tormented for being a young lady, wrong, I will be stained to stop a terrible custom, wrong, you will be murdering me, wrong, I will leave Anirudh by this dread, wrong, I won’t hold his hand, wrong. Trilochan cries. Bondita says I didn’t think prior to taking the rounds, off-base, the privilege is that I know when he is holding my hand, nothing terrible can occur with me, until he is my safeguard, nothing can hurt me, our connection is broken, yet we will consistently be together, our connection is much over the general public principles and customs, its rugged. Anirudh and Bondita clasp hands. Rishta tera mera… .plays… .