Bondita shows the saree. Sampoorna says its mum’s saree. Bondita says I m going to advise truth to Anirudh, I comprehended that Mami had added the rodent in the bhog, you can smell the saree and know.

Sampoorna inquires as to for what reason will mum do this. Bondita says we realize Mami has done such things, Trilochan was blamed by Mami. Sampoorna says proceed to tell Anirudh, they will see mum’s abhorrent and think of me as awful, its fine, it doesn’t make a difference, my mum fouled up, I ought to get rebuffed, they will make me out from the haveli.

Bondita says I won’t ever release you away from me. Sampoorna asks would you be able to see your mum’s affront in your Sasural. Bondita says never. Sampoorna asks how might I endure it, when mum gets offended, when everybody requests that she leave, I will be defenseless to leave. Bondita says no, I won’t allow you to get offended. She guarantees Sampoorna and embraces her. Sampoorna gets tears in eyes.

She thinks Bondita demonstrated that she adores me significantly more than Trilochan. Bondita goes to the room. Anirudh says you didn’t do the schoolwork, for what reason are you tragic. She asks how would you realize that I m miserable. He says I know you well. He says when Bondita is cheerful, I hear an alternate sound of your feet, similar to you are flying, when you are insidious, I get a sound like you are anxious to bounce, when you are pitiful, I don’t get any stable, I simply hear trouble, I don’t care for it. She says you comprehend my heart consistently. He asks her for what valid reason is she vexed. She reviews Sampoorna’s words.

She says I miss mum a ton, when will she come from tirat. He requests that she sit. He says even Sumati would be missing you, she will come soon to meet you. She asks truly. He says truly. She reviews Sumati and cries. She says you make me occupied in talks, show me quick at this point. He shows her tables. She notes down. Rishta tera mera… .plays… He brightens her up. They snicker. Its morning, Trilochan inquires as to for what reason didn’t Bondita’s Mama and Mami not leave, they have remained over a father, proceed to gather their sacks. Bihari gets the sacks. Mami stops Bihari. Trilochan says you may leave for the town. He requests that Bihari give them some food things moreover. Mami begins crying and asks how might you do this with us.

She says Sampoorna has no regard here and even we don’t have any regard, we are getting expelled. Mom and Mami do a dramatization. Sampoorna signs Binoy. Binoy says nobody will affront you from now, you can remain here. Trilochan asks what will they do here, what will be their work, they have their own home and work in the town.

Binoy says I have looked for some kind of employment for them. Anirudh grins. Binoy says Mama will deal with Munshi’s situation from now, he will see our records. Trilochan gets stunned. Precap: Bondita reveals to Anirudh it would be better for Mama, Mami to return to town. Mom and Mami are stunned. Anirudh discloses to Bondita it’s amazing to hear this from her, she cherishes her Mama, Mami. For what reason does she need to send them back? Everybody takes a gander at her