Barrister Babu 26 April 2021 Written Update

Scene begins with Bondita saying divorce can’t separate them. Bondita says I confide in my Patibabu. Anirudh cannot take wrong choice. He can’t avoid me. Bondita tells don’t send me far away from you. On the off chance that you do that who will control me? Anirudh says I’ll generally be there for you. I will not let you be. I’ll show you, reprimand you and will welcome grin all over. You are my fundamental concern. They take a gander at one another. Bondita embraces Anirudh out of joy. (Rishta tera mera plays)

Sampurna discloses to one individual that he will get out the word wherever that Anirudh’s appeal is endorsed. Presently what will befall the little girl in law of Roychowdhury? What it will mean for them. Sampurna gives him cash. Sampurna says regardless of how frequently Trilochan attempts to unite Anirudh and Bondita she will isolate them over and over.


Anirudh figures residents will fault him as he stoked the fire by engaging for the abolishment of kid marraige yet he will cause them to comprehend that its expected to acquire changes the general public. Because of wind significant records and documents fall on ground and Anirudh attempts to get them. Bondita helps him in doing as such. They hold them together and gaze at one another. Their hand gets filthy because of ink and Anirudh cleans Bondita’s hand with hanky.


Sampurna grins taking a gander at the source. Hardly any irate supporters advise Anirudh to repudiate his allure. Sampurna’s source yells that Anirudh needs to do it else it will influence other society ladies. Binoy and Trilochan advise Anirudh to repudiate his allure. Anirudh says he doesn’t lament that he claimed against one negligence. It must be halted. Noone should uphold it. Anirudh says little young ladies dont merit this sort of treatment. They have the right to satisfy their fantasies, they ought to see first what’s up and right.

Panch says their predecessors can not be right as they just told about these practices and customs. Anirudh says do you offer letters to pigeons and use them as courier like bygone eras. They answer mail center is there for what reason will they do it. Anirudh says precisely assuming you don’t have confidence in that custom any longer, why kid marriage is OK for your. Why not acknowledge its not legitimate. Sampurna’s witness ask Anirudh then what does he need to say in regards to his marriage with Bondita. Why he got hitched to her. What is Anirudh’s assessment? Trilochan attempts to hinder however that man says will Anirudh break his marriage with Bondita?


Binoy blows up and holds his collar saying they are rich jameendars they will do what they need. Anirudh reviews Trilochan’s words that whatever choice Anirudh will take he will consider it. Anirudh gives his hand to Bondita and she holds it. Anirudh says his marriage with Bondita is likewise an abhorrent custom, its a revile for a young lady. Anirudh says he will discover an answer of it. Read more……..


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