Bondita involves Anirudh and the latter hides his face with a paper to keep away from her. Bondita says she desires to ask a query. Anirudh indicates his face and Bondita applies purple shadeation on his face. She says Anirudh best informed he likes being messy so she positioned the shadeation.

Anirudh cleans his face after recalling holi celebrations with toddler Bondita. He breaks the replicate angrily. Bondita hides in a field seeing him popping out of room. She notices Chandrachur’s secret agent withinside the house.

Anirudh questions him what he noticed all through birthday party. Bondita receives scared questioning her mystery gets uncovered now. She diverts Anirudh and Somnath’s interest via way of means of throwing a stone.

Anirudh and Somnath exit to check. Bondita comes out of field and tells secret agent to now no longer screen her name. She lies that she is right here as secret agent and to hold eyes on Anirudh. She desires to realize what Anirudh is making plans for sword competition. Anirudh overhears that. Read More….