Bondita goes into house with her harmed leg. Blood stain stay there. She sees vermilion in Manorama’s hairline. She gets stunned. She thinks implies her bad dream has gotten valid. Bondita gets grief stricken and goes to her room. She begins crying a great deal. Anirudh sees little strides close to his room which is of Bondita. Anirudh thinks to meet Bondita. In any case, at that point he goes to his space to converse with Manorama. He is sorry to her for wedding her without educating once. Manorama says he doesn’t have to say sorry. As the regard for him has expanded in her heart. She says I remembered you in the mandap. Much obliged to you for tolerating my proposition of this bogus marraige. I can finish my central goal calmly now. She says Anirudh’s goals are just about as unadulterated as hers.

Bondita reviews every one of the minutes she went through with Anirudh. Manorama advises Anirudh to leave as anybody can see him. They need to act like a genuine wedded couple to beguile others. After kalratri just Anirudh can see her. Anirudh leaves.

Sampoorna considers how should she not comprehend whats going on among Anirudh and Manorama. She asks Binoy. Binoy says perhaps he comprehended that he needs to fulfill his requirements. That is the reason he wedded Manorama. Marraige doesn’t mean duty constantly. Sampoorna says it very well may be Manorama’s malevolent goals. Or on the other hand there should be some motivation behind why Anirudh did it. Its not due to fulfilling needs as it were. Binoy advises her to carry on like mother by marriage as Manorama is her little girl in law now. Sampoorna says I will deal with it shrewdly.

Anirudh cries before Dugga mama. He says his holding with Dugga Ma has been made in light of Bondita as it were. He says he will undoubtedly do it. He had no other decision. Bondita was not getting him. He needed to avoid her. Anirudh holds falme on his palm and says his fundamental concern is Bondita’s future. Regardless of what individuals say to him that he is a con artist, he bamboozled Bondita. On the off chance that Trilochan discloses to him that he fouled up with Bondita. On the off chance that Bondita says that he is the primary scalawag in her life. He will acknowledge every one of the allegations for Bondita as it were.

House keeper attempts to support Bondita. She gives her water however Bondita says she needs to converse with her Patibabu. Trilochan likewise brings nourishment for Bondita. Trilochan sits on ground and says he is truly irate with Anirudh as he hurt Bondita. He will cause him to comprehend what he did isn’t right. Trilochan demands Bondita to eat something.