Barrister Babu 23 February 2021 Written Update

The Episode begins with Anirudh saying we should zero in on making such laws that rebuffs wrongdoing practitioners. Bondita reviews whatever occurred and cries. Anirudh says its me, your lawyer babu, quiet down, would you like to say or ask anything, advise me, on the off chance that you have anything in your heart, don’t keep anything in your heart. Bondita asks will I get frightened of each more unusual and stay off from all the men. He says no chance, you don’t have to get frightened of anybody, you don’t keep anything in your heart, one who fouls up ought to be terrified.

He says terrible individuals like that man utilize our dread, no compelling reason to get frightened, one should speak more loudly and show mental fortitude like you have shown today, you are truly daring, each young lady ought to resemble you, her family should confide in her. She says like you confided in me. He says I will


continuously remain by you, and never leave you, never. Trilochan says whatever happened wasn’t right, this ought to have not occurred with Bondita, I never envisioned that Thakur is a wet blanket, I would have not allowed him to come here, I advised the cops not to allow the word to get out. Anirudh placates Bondita by a children’s song and takes care of her. He cries.


Trilochan says Bihari, rasam was that Anirudh will enter another period of wedded existence with Bondita, he is singing a bedtime song for her, will they settle down this way. Bihari says its a one of a kind jodi. Trilochan says shut up, Bondita needs to persuade Anirudh for the rasams. Its morning, Trilochan says Anirudh doesn’t get anything, marriage isn’t only a heart association, he needs to comprehend. Bihari says you have had a go at everything, you spiked the laddoo to cause him to play out all the customs. Anirudh comes and asks what, Bihari.. Trilochan says no compelling reason to blow up on him, he did this on my expression, I said this so I need you and Bondita to make the following stride. Anirudh says you realize what might have occurred on the off chance that I didn’t get cognizant on schedule, would you be able to tumble to any level to satisfy rasam, Bondita is a young child, she is attempting to comprehend the adjustments in her body, she is realizing that she is growing up, you need her to take the family ahead in this age, you requested that she sit in the rasams, she did it, she knew nothing, I needed Sumati to come here and clarify her, yet I m not discovering her, where is she, don’t have the foggiest idea.

Trilochan says we heard she went on tirat. Anirudh says she came here to meet Bondita, don’t have a clue what occurred, she vanished, she didn’t get back to her town, what would i be able to advise her, if her mum is alive or… .


Bondita comes and yells no, I will proceed to discover her, I will request that she come to me. She cries. Binoy asks Sampoorna where is Sumati. Sampoorna says perhaps she isn’t alive. Binoy asks are you distraught, its my error to trust you. Bondita yells Maa and runs. Anirudh stops her and says I have documented a missing report and furthermore distributed her pic in the paper, hang tight for at some point, she will come. Bondita says I need to take a brief trip and see her, she will come on my call.

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