Bondita holds Anirudh’s hand and helps him. One individual comes and puts wreath around Anirudh’s neck. He compliments him and embraces him. He uncovers Anirudh’s appeal for prohibiting youngster marriage is acknowledged at long last. The manner in which he stepped up it is excellent. The individual says Anirudh should make one stride further. He ought to demonstrate it to world that he is against kid marriage and he took represent that. His one stage can free those young ladies who are getting endured.

Anirudh should break his marriage with Bondita so he can set a model. Bondita gets dispirited. Trilochans additionally gets stunned. Anirudh reviews his marriage with Bondita. He looks resentful. (Rishta Tera Mera plays) Trilochan yells that why Anirudh needs to make stride consistently. Why he will break her marriage.

That individual says Anirudh should forfeit. in the event that he doesn’t do it noone will attempt to transform anything. This general public necessities progressive changes. To break the generalization it’s needed.Trilochan gets frantic and says Anirudh can’t break his relationship with Bondita regardless of what occurs. Only for society he will not let Bondita be. Trilochan tosses the festoon. In spite of the fact that Anirudh recorded request against kid marriage that time, doesn’t mean he would not joke about this. That individual advises Anirudh to take savvy choice.

Bondita petitions dugga mama saying what will be Anirudh’s choice? Anirudh reviews his guarantee to save Bondita everytime from threat. Their flashbacks are appeared. Bondita likewise gets stressed. Anirudh considers acquiring changes the general public well. He winds up in predicament. Bondita figures Anirudh will not take wrong decision.Colors TV famous help Barrister Babu has consistently kept its crowd held find somewhere to sit with its connecting yet reformist storyline. Prior it’s seen that Anirudh and Bondita apologized one another and reunited.

Presently it will be seen that Bondita and Anirudh will guarantee one another while Bondita’s grandma will cause her entry.Previously we to have seen that, Trilochan stood up to Anirudh for stowing away about Manorama’s character. Anirudh uncovered his arrangement and everybody lashed out at him. Trilochan censured Anirudh for harming Bondita during the time spent educating her. Anirudh had an encounter with his change self image and felt regretful for harming Bondita. Afterward, both Bondita and Anirudh apologized each other for their slip-up and reunited. Trilochan believed that Manorama has joined Anirudh and Bondita at long last.

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