Anirudh says that they may nonetheless do that way of life. Respect may be given, however to the individual that merits it. He invitations Thakumaa and washes her toes. Other men additionally wash toes in their bride’s mothers. Thakumaa blesses Anirudh. Anirudh then invitations Sumati. Somnath and Chandrachur watch. Sumati apologizes to Anirudh. He tells her to present him blessings, now no longer sorry. He washes her toes. She blesses him. Chandrachur is leaving from there. Water receives splashed on him via way of means of a man. Chandrachur slaps the man announcing that is a set marriage that doesn’t imply he forgets his limits. He reminds the man that he can by no means healthy their reputation and needs to throw that man out of the institution marriage. Anirudh says no person will pass anywhere. Chandrachur says, you don’t recognize that those small people…

Anirudh says, your wondering is small. If you need to throw some thing, then throw that dust of out your mind, throw out the pass. It turned into determined that 7 marriages will take vicinity and that’s what is going to happen. They are seeking to overlook their years lengthy enmity. How approximately forgetting variations among excessive magnificence and coffee magnificence as well? He tells Chandrachur to begin that via way of means of apologizing to the man. Chandrachur laughs asking Anirudh whether or not he’s in his senses. Why don’t they give an explanation for to the man that it’s in his future to be in decrease magnificence than them. Anirudh asks who’re you to write down his future? God has made anybody same. Air, water, the whole lot is same for anybody. All in their blood is red. They are like one. Angat gets married with them and he’s going to express regret to Angat.

Bondita says why Chandrachur isn’t understanding, Anirudh is proper. She turned into going to interfere, however Tapur stops her announcing their marriage is occurring after a lot trouble and some thing may fit incorrect via way of means of interfering in vain combat. Bondita says it’s now no longer vain combat. Useless is the wondering that announces there distinction among excessive magnificence and coffee magnificence. She gets married to Anirudh, however now no longer via way of means of insulting someone. Sampoorna tells Chandrachur to recognize new son-in-regulation and express regret. Chandrachur says, son-in-regulation is new, however their traditions, rituals, policies are nonetheless the same. He asks Trilochan whether or not that’s proper. Thakumaa tells Chandrachur now no longer to argue as she doesn’t need any stoppage in Bondita’s marriage. Trilochan tells Chandrachur that he doesn’t recognize Anirudh’s madness, so higher give up the problem here. Chandrachur nonetheless refuses. Their combat maintains. Chandrachur asks Anirudh what he’s going to do? Kick him out of the house? Slap him? Anirudh says he’s going to kill the individual that discriminates in the front of him. Thakumaa says she can be able to express regret on Chandrachur’s behalf. Chandrachur stops her and apologizes to Angat himself. Anirudh makes Chandrachur say that they’re same. Chandrachur obeys. Bondita feels pleased with her “to-be darling pati babu”.

Bondita dances with different girls. Anirudh watches her. He then dances with boys and he or she watches him and smiles.

Sampoorna tells Bondita that she is glad that Bondita is forgetting the whole lot and making a brand new start. She has continually finished incorrect with Bondita. But now she can be able to continually stand via way of means of with Bondita via way of means of being Sampoorna Maa from Sampoorna Didi. They get emotional. Sampoorna then says that she has introduced gold jewelries for her. Bondita says all jewelries are beautiful, however she needs greater precious object than that. She asks Sampoorna inform the individual that despatched jewelries together along with her to return back out. Sampoorna tells Trilochan that Bondita is aware of he’s there, so come inside. Trilochan comes, however is not able to peer Bondita withinside the eyes. Bondita asks him whether or not he’s dissatisfied together along with her. He says, no. Why could I be dissatisfied with you? I am embarrassed due to my mistakes. When I are available in the front of you and notice your harmless face, I keep in mind all my mistakes. I referred to as you a spy, enemy. I nearly had burning coal placed on your tongue. I notion to take your life. How can I are available in the front of you? He begins offevolved taking walks back. Bondita pretends to be harm and screams. He runs to her and asks what happened? Are you okay? She tells him to stand her like this, face like a father faces a daughter, with pride.

Other hand, Chandrachur is livid and thinks Bondita can not be anybody else’s. If she marries anybody, then it is going to be him only. A man tells him to just accept that Anirudh goes to be groom of Bondita. Chandrachur selections up a vase to hit him. The man says there’s a manner to forestall this marriage – abduction. Chandrachur likes the idea. He thinks of abducting Bondita and retaining her in Dhaka, so Roy Chaudharys can not locate her. The man says to be able to be very difficult. Chandrachur says Musa will assist him.

Anirudh says our tale may be filmed, I may be your hero. Bondita smiles. Chandrachur attempts to kidnap Bondita. He thinks I will take her to Dhaka, she may be simply mine. She hits his leg with a knife. He falls down. Anirudh and Bondita take a seat down withinside the mandap. She sees the wound on Chandrachur’s toes and says Jamai Babu.

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